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Ice Fishing

Last weekend, when the temperature finally rose above zero – and above freezing – I trekked out to the park for my annual “go stand on the ice” event.  It’s something I do each winter and, to be honest, it’s probably a little silly.  After all, I kayak these same waters eight months out of […]

Simple Clicks – takeoff

A couple of neat finds from my hike on Sunday afternoon.  We’d had an inch or two of snowfall the night before and the woods were filled with birds.  How the two are connected, I’m not really sure; it seems much too early for any of the southern migrants to be returning.  Although I could […]

Simple Clicks – Frosty

Found this guy yesterday on the shores of Lackawanna Lake.  I was taking advantage of the sudden day-long heat wave (it got up to 37!) and hiked down to Kennedy Creek.  It was a popular day for hiking; the trail was well-blazed.  And someone stopped and built this guy right on the point by the […]

Beaches appear in my dreams

Boat drinks, boys in the band ordered boat drinks Visitors scored on the home rink Everything seems to be wrong Lately, newspaper mentions cheap airfare, I’ve got to fly to Saint Somewhere, I’m close to bodily harm. – Jimmy Buffett, Boat Drinks Related Posts:Cold but worth itA Cold MorningFirst SnowfallSimple Clicks – FrostySimple Clicks – […]

Eagling frustrations

The photo above appeared in my last post about my first eagling adventure of 2015.  It’s not a great photo and isn’t hardly one of my better examples of wildlife photography.  For starters, there was too much distance between me and the eagles to really get a good shot, and I had to crop from […]

Simple Clicks – wind and snow

Another favorite image from my visit to Promised Land State Park last week, and the only one I processed in color.  There was something about this shot, the contrast between the forest and the snow, that just seemed to work better that way.  The snow drift in the left side of the frame was at […]

Simple Clicks – passing memory

One of my favorite photos from my visit to Promised Land State Park, I captured this outside of the wildlife blind at the beginning of my hike.  I had just come through a dense patch of snow drifts, and was surprised to find the forest floor now laid bare in front of me, save for […]

Wind and snow

After my eagle adventure the weekend before last, I stopped at Promised Land State Park on my way home.  The eagling had been poor and I knew that I didn’t have any shots that were really worth keeping, save for a couple of the frozen Delaware River.  But Promised Land rarely lets me down and […]

Eagling 2015

0600 – It’s still dark when the alarm goes off.  If I can get my feet on the floor I’m fine, but that first step is the hardest, especially when I know that it’s well below freezing outside.  I dress in layers, gather gear, and make coffee, and I’m on the road before 0700, headed […]

Simple Clicks – Birdless winter

This past spring, being the first spring in which I have owned my own home and small square of property, I fulfilled a dream of many years and planted a flowering dogwood tree in my backyard.  It’s a mere collection of sticks now, sprouting from a trunk not much thicker than a carpenter’s pencil.  But […]

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