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BRENT PENNINGTON Hyacinth blossoms photographed with a macro lens after blooming, 19 April 2015.

2016 Update

It’s been a long, snowless winter here in Northeastern PA.  As in, really no snow – not a single day that I could grab the camera and head…

Nature - After the Snow Storm

Simple Clicks – winters past

It’s winter in NEPA, despite the strange warm spell that lasted to Christmas Eve, when it was just shy of 70 degrees.  We’ve had rain and gloom for…

Slider - Winter Pond

Simple Clicks – Winters past

It was sixty-four degrees in Scranton yesterday.  It was sixty-three degrees today, and it’s raining outside now.  The odds of a white Christmas are looking pretty slim, and…

BRENT PENNINGTON Moonlight shots of Chittenden Dam, merged in HDR and Tone Mapped to show stars, yet details in the landscape as well.

That time I went shooting at midnight in Vermont…

I’m feeling nostalgic today, so I’m going to tell you a story. I made the photo above many years ago, back in 2007, when I was in Vermont…


Simple Clicks – South Branch of Tunkhannock Creek in b&w

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Simple Clicks – last of the snow

A few final captures from the end of winter, the last early-spring snowstorm that hit us in the final weeks of March.  I drove up to Lackawanna State…


Simple Clicks – ice!

This is why I still can’t go kayaking…  A solid 16+ inches of ice covering the lake.  The park folks must have quarried this out, as it was…


Simple Clicks – gone for the winter

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Simple Clicks – crow tracks in the snow

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Winter in B&W

And we’re back!  Although to start off this weekend, I’m stepping back to late February with some snow-filled photos, despite the fact that the snow is now (thankfully)…


Simple Clicks – ice fishermen

The past several posts have focused around looking down into the ice, and the dark lake below.  I thought it was time to look around again, at the…


Ice fishing holes 03

Presenting the third, and possibly final, segment in my collection of ice fishing hole photos.  I can’t decide if this mini-project is interesting, or just stupid.  On one…