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Some thoughts on augmented reality

It’s Saturday morning; the temperature finally fell enough that we could shut down the air conditioners and open the windows overnight, and I awoke early to the sound…


Another season with John the Heron

My season is once again well underway, that mix of kayaking and photography that is uniquely my own, and despite a late start this year I’m making up…


Simple Clicks – Common Yellowthroat

Among the spring warblers, I always consider the Common Yellowthroat to be a special capture.  Despite the implication of its name, in my experience the Common Yellowthroat is…


American Crow

Meet the American Crow, smaller cousin of the Raven and one of the most common – and probably most misunderstood – birds that people are familiar with.  You’ve…


On photographing wolves – part 2

Continued from: On Photographing Wolves – part 1 There are three species of wolves at the Lakota Wolf Preserve: two packs of Timber wolves, and one each of…


On photographing wolves – part 1

This past December I turned thirty, with what I assume is the usual trepidation and conflicting feelings.  I’m not old yet, but I’m out of my twenties, and…

BRENT PENNINGTON A Greater Yellowlegs hunts in the marsh at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge on the afternoon of 23 April 2016.

Simple Clicks – a last few Southern birds

  A last few birds from my adventures in Savannah, beginning with this Greater Yellowlegs hunting in the marsh at Savannah NWR. And then there’s the adult male…

BRENT PENNINGTON Black-bellied Whistling Ducks rest together on the edge of the marsh at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge on the afternoon of 23 April 2016.

Simple Clicks – a mouthful of duck

These are Black-bellied Whistling Ducks.  Which is the longest named duck species I’ve ever seen.  It’s a real mouthful! Related Posts:Simple Clicks – Wood DucksSimple Clicks – Common YellowthroatAmerican…

BRENT PENNINGTON A Snowy Egret hunts in the marsh at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge on the afternoon of 23 April 2016.

Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

Sometimes I think that I was born in the wrong geographic region, and that I might have been better suited to life in the south, in the lowcountry,…


No Posts Last Week

So no posts last week – sorry.  That wasn’t entirely planned, but it’s how it played out.  Last week was my birthday, which I normally wouldn’t even mention…


Simple Clicks – hawk mystery

This photo – not a very good capture from a photographic standpoint – is from my encounter with the Red Tailed Hawks at Paul’s house this past summer….

BRENT PENNINGTON An adult Red-tailed Hawk perches, almost posing for photos, at the Sevensky home in Clarks Summit, PA, on the afternoon of 16 July 2015. This hawk is one of three, a mated pair and a juvenile, that has frequented the Sevenskys for several weeks.

Red-tailed Hawk Adventures: part 2

In my last post, I discussed the framework for my encounter with the Red-tailed Hawks at Paul’s house, their unusual behavior and our theories regarding it.  Today I’m…