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Ralph Stover State Park

These photos are over a year old.  Why?  I have no idea.  Mandy and I took a trip down to Doylestown, PA, in August 2013, just to get away for a weekend and explore.  We had a great time and I was very happy with the photos I made during the trip.  And yet I […]

Easton, PA

Spend 24 hours in the town of Easton a couple of weeks back, on a March Saturday that turned out to be uncharacteristically warm and lovely.  It as planned as a get-away trip that, unfortunately, didn’t really turn out the way I’d planned and I ended up cutting it short and coming back a day […]

Jim Thorpe: Winterfest

Spent a few hours in Jim Thorpe last weekend – we brought my mom down while she was visiting, knowing that she’d love the small town and it’s amazing architecture. It’s an unusual place, small twisting streets lined with a mix of old brick and row houses, all tucked into a strange little valley amid […]

Simple Clicks – Gettysburg

As I mentioned before, the evening light in Gettysburg was just perfect and I was able to grab an hour or so to really work with the battlefield from a photographic standpoint.  These are a few of the shots that I wasn’t able to fit into the last post, but wanted to share.  Related Posts:Gettysburg […]

Thanksgiving morning in Vermont

A surprising number of my holidays start this way – out in the cold, roving around a lake or through the woods, usually by myself.  And maybe that sounds a little undesirable  but really it isn’t.  There’s something nice about starting the day off peacefully.  And I love being outside at sunrise when the world is […]

Gettysburg 2012

November 19th marked the annual Remembrance Day and parade in Gettysburg, PA. This small town in southern Pennsylvania is one of my favorite places to visit and every year we make the trek down – usually a couple of times, but always for Remembrance Day. It’s a surreal sort of weekend. You’ll walk down the […]

Central PA – Day 2

The Weather Channel girl struck out again on day two, when she called for 34% cloud cover at sunrise.  I dragged myself out in to a the cold, damp morning while it was still dark out and, after a few photos of the Inn itself, began scouting for a sunrise vista across the lake.  Without […]

Central PA – Day 1

Back from my most recent adventure, an overnight trip into the Pennsylvania Wilds region of Central PA. It as my first venture out into that region and, as much as anything, affirmed what everyone has always said – there isn’t much out there. But that’s okay, because I tend to like wild places where there […]

Simple Clicks – Philadelphia

Another weekend and a new city. Kind of funny that I’ve lived in Pennsylvania for almost 5 years now and still hadn’t gotten down to Philadelphia. In fact, I’d only passed through once before many years ago for a museum visit, seeing nothing of the city itself. But I spent Saturday down there shooting an […]

Simple Clicks – Vacation Shots

Vacations are always over with too quickly.  I grabbed this final beach shot just a few minutes before checking out; weather had moved in overnight, so there was no sunrise, and there was still a dim look to the ocean that translated well as a film emulation.  There are a few more, somewhat random shots […]

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