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In the woods

Shooting in the woods is difficult.  I was reading an article a couple of weeks back, about a photographer who specializes in less-common landscapes, and he commented on forest photography a little, which got me thinking.  My experience with forest photography is really summed up like this: I either end up with an image that’s […]

My life lists grows

I don’t know what other wildlife photographers do, if they keep species lists and think of themselves as “birders” when they chase birds, or just as naturalists in general, or maybe even just as photogs. Personally, I think of myself as a mixture of all those things and don’t see them as being mutually exclusive. […]

Light and Shadow

I don’t believe I have a particular “style” of photography that defines my work. There are, however, several elements I enjoy experimenting with. One of those is the use of light and shadow. I’m always fascinated by the interplay of a strong light in an otherwise dark image. I most frequently see these on my […]

Simple Clicks – Twilight HDR

After last week’s post on HDR, and especially my inability to fully grasp it, I decided to give it another try. Just before the observatory lecture began, I grabbed a 3-exposure bracketed shot from the parking lot, looking across to a small farm on the next hill. The plan had been to run it through […]

My thoughts on HDR

“] HDR photography has been around for several years now. In fact, I can remember when the rage started and everyone ran out and started shooting multiple bracketed exposures and posting garish, alien-looking landscapes complete with color artifacts and halos. This, naturally, sparked the expected controversy between the purists and the experimentalists, which continues to […]

Explorations in Macro, Pt. 2

Spent part of the weekend playing around with this whole macro thing some more and have finally started to straighten out some of the workflow and technique. It’s nice to be making progress; it feels good. On the other hand, other things seem more convoluted than ever. My Takumar 55mm f/2 lens arrived from eBay […]

Fakin’ It?

I grew up and took my first pictures in the film era. I developed film and made prints in an honest-to-God darkroom that reeked of chemical smells. Whatever “fixing” we did to film and prints was strictly manual. Yes, we did have some tools — filters and the like — but mostly, if it wasn’t […]

Simple Clicks: Food Photos

Been playing with some food photography setups lately, in a very informal, experimental way. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to work with and I greatly admire the folks who do it professionally. There’s a real talent to making something look so appetizing that people can’t resist it, and I think that although it would […]

Explorations in Macro, Pt. 1

DST came into effect on Sunday, which is a breath of spring. The light now lasts into the evening hours, the first buds are appearing on the trees, and there are crocuses blossoming in the neighborhood. It’s time to get back into the field and get moving again, so I dragged myself outside last night. […]

Don’t Bug Me

As I’ve said before, I don’t have all the fancy bells and whistles when it comes to photo equipment. I make do with what I have, as most people do, with a bit of patience and a willingness to try a different approach. I don’t have a macro lens for close up photography, so I’ve […]

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