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Simple Clicks – Glamour Light

Just a trial run for an idea I’ve been hoping to develop better. I’ve seen other photogs use this style of lighting with kick ass results and have been dying to try it myself. I was able to grab a few shots with Lauren on Saturday, which convinced me that it’s worth developing, even if […]

Snowfall Panoramas

Catching up after a busy weekend, spent almost all of it behind the camera, which was just awesome. But before I jump into the new stuff, I wanted to share a few more shots from out first snowfall, since they were so much fun to make and came so well. Panoramas are something that I […]

Feeder Shots

Shooting birds at the feeder certainly lacks the excitement of being in the field, stalking them, staking out likely spots, and hoping you get lucky.  On the other hand, it offers some dependability, some predictability, and the opportunity to work with subjects who are generally less skittish than their purely wild counterparts.  It’s also a […]

Dodging & Burning in Photoshop

Dodging and burning have been with us for a long time now, beginning in the classic darkroom.  I won’t bore anyone with a history lesson, although I will say this: if you’ve ever done classic D&B work by hand, over a physical print, then you know how difficult it can be to achieve just the […]

Moose’s Guide to Wildlife Photography – Review

Last night I finished reading Moose Peterson’s Guide to Wildlife Photography.  I picked it up a couple of months back from another photog who was selling off some books in the POTN forum (forums are a great way to find used photo books cheap, by the way), and I’d been reading it off and on since […]

Wildlife Photography – Getting Back to Basics

My first exposure to wildlife photography came while I was still in college, in the form of a two-part workshop offered through the university’s Outdoor Pursuits office, and conducted by a fine gentleman by the name of Victor Lameroux, who was both a local photographer and a high school science teacher. The session was called […]

Raptors at CCEEC

Spent some time at the Carbon County Environmental Education Center on Friday morning, where I got the rare opportunity to get up close to several raptors.  Sadly, they weren’t wild raptors, but rather permanent residents of the Center who are unable to be released back into the wild.  There were some broken wings and a […]

6 Common Photography Fallacies

As you progress through the world of photography, you hear a lot of things. Oftentimes conflicting things. This Internet age is a true wonder, and it has put vast amounts of information at our fingertips, indexed it, and made it easy to find. On the other hand, it has also let the misinformed, confused, and […]

Monday Morning: Part 2

We left Fords Pond half-numb and starving and dropped down into Clark’s Summit, where Paul’s cousin has a diner – one of those great little places that’s unassuming, with good, cheap food.  Refueled and warmed, we headed out again, this time up to Lackawanna State Park. At Lackawanna, the wind was still blowing in from […]

A few more portraits

Mandy’s graduation is this weekend, so we headed out to get a start on the senior portraits Wednesday evening.  The mixed pleasure of working with your girlfriend is that the shoot ends up more relaxed and informal than it is with a client.  On the other hand, she was feeling tired tonight, so it was […]

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