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Notes for my next eagling trip

The goal, naturally, is to create more photos like the one above. And far, far fewer like the one that’ll appear after the break. My last eagling trip was one of my best yet; the activity I saw ties for first place. Yet I managed to really screw up the shooting and lost out on […]


Went out shooting with Paul yesterday morning.  When I dropped him off at his place, we spent a few minutes troubleshooting some issues with his garden, and I settled in by the feeders with the 100-300mm to grab a few bird shots, since the crowd there was pretty active. The last time I tried this, […]

Simple Clicks – Full frame, baby!

This doesn’t happen often.  Not even close.  Birds – any birds – at full frame are an incredible opportunity.  This is a juvenile Tree Swallow, perched on a fence at Archbald Regional Park.  And I’m not sure if it’s because he’s a juvenile, or because Tree Swallows are pretty tolerant in general, but he let […]

A Little Mood Music

I always think that early mornings are best for “mood” shots. Here are a few efforts captured recently at the Abington Regional Park in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I had been up prior to sunset to catch the reappearance of the planet Jupiter in the morning sky at a vantage point further down the road from here, […]

Some thoughts on perspectives

It occurs to me that I may have been geeking out on too much gear lately.  New cameras, new lenses, old lenses – it’s all fun, but it’s important to remember the art.  So I thought I’d change tracks and share a few thoughts on perspective. I struggle with perspective myself, trying to find new […]

Oh Venus…

Whatever role the goddess Venus plays in the fortunes of love, as Frankie Avalon’s song  suggests, the planet Venus makes a lovely astronomical object that dominates the night sky, outshining everything other than the moon and the sun. Venus at its brightest has prompted reports of UFOs and other celestial phenomena. I took this picture […]

All Creatures Great and Small … and in between

I don’t have the most powerful lens when it comes to wildlife – a Sigma 70-300 with OS – but I have often found that planning, patience and a little luck surely helps when capturing birds of various sizes. For example, take this shot of a great blue heron at Tobyhanna State Park in Northeastern […]

Saturday Light: Kelly’s Headshots

Tuesday’s missed post was brought to you by a nasty viral cold. After several days on the couch, I’m finally back on my feet. But if this post doesn’t make sense, you can blame it on the cold meds. I almost feel like this shouldn’t be a “Saturday Light” post, since there aren’t any strobes […]

How I Shoot Panoramas

I got a request from one of my readers to talk about how I shoot panoramas. I am always thrilled to get feedback from you guys, including requests. So without further ado, here’s part one of a two-part article that will hopefully show how I make these work: First off, I like shooting panoramas. There’s […]

6 Tips for Thanksgiving Photos

Turkey Day is fast approaching – well, at least here in the US where we indulge in this shameless tribute to gluttony. For many of us, this is a time for family, which I think is by far one of the nicer aspects of the holiday. I’d gladly give up the cranberry sauce, and even […]

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