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Simple Clicks – perfect sunrise

When I saw this image appear on my computer screen, I instantly loved it. It’s a quiet, simple photo and, as sunrises go, it’s pretty low-key. No flashy light, no stunning clouds. Just an incredibly blue sky and the first blush of light on the hilltop. But I still love it, I guess because of […]

Cold but worth it

Sunday morning dawned cold and overcast, but after my success with the eagles the day before, I was already up and in the field.  Photography is like a drug and, when the shoots are successful, you want more.  And more.  Even if it means getting up at 0600 on a Sunday and bundling in four […]

Morning at Kent Pond

Back to Kent Pond two mornings after my first visit, this time with a mind to shoot the pond itself against the backdrop of the Green Mountains – which were looking a bit more brown this particular morning, being sadly free of snow. But the sunrise was decent and the rising light side-lit Pico Mountain […]

Thanksgiving morning in Vermont

A surprising number of my holidays start this way – out in the cold, roving around a lake or through the woods, usually by myself.  And maybe that sounds a little undesirable  but really it isn’t.  There’s something nice about starting the day off peacefully.  And I love being outside at sunrise when the world is […]

Lost in the fog

Spent Saturday morning up at Lackawanna State Park, lost in one of the thickest fogs I can remember having seen in a while. The lost part is, of course, more about my state of mind than any lack of physical orientation, which I figure is a better kind of lost all around. It’s comforting in […]

Central PA – Day 2

The Weather Channel girl struck out again on day two, when she called for 34% cloud cover at sunrise.  I dragged myself out in to a the cold, damp morning while it was still dark out and, after a few photos of the Inn itself, began scouting for a sunrise vista across the lake.  Without […]

First Frost

NEPA got hit with its first hard frost last Friday night.  We knew it was coming; there were warnings on the radio and a general sense that yes, it was time.  Mid-October rarely passes without the first hard chill of the season.  But for all the concern over the first frost, it is a strangely ethereal event. […]

Fords Pond Sunrise

Last weekend, I’m in day three of an annual, seasonal allergy attack and pretty much hiding inside with the windows sealed and the HEPA filters running at full-tilt.  And still suffering from the clouds of whatever-the-hell-weed pollen that blanketed the valley.  On top of that, I’d spent the previous week tied up with work, the […]

Foggy morning at Fords – Brent’s perspective

Paul and I got together for some photos up at Fords Pond one morning last week – nothing serious, just ambled around the side of the pond, shooting some landscapes and even a few wildlife shots of a Mute Swan that put in an appearance.  I didn’t think much of the shots after I finished […]

Foggy Morning at Fords – Paul’s Perspective

As Brent noted in his post on this subject, we spent some time at Fords Pond one morning last week while the lake mist was still lifting. If you look at the images in the two posts, I believe you’ll find a noticeable difference in overall tone and mood. This is the first of three […]

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