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Sunrise Fog

In my previous post I shared a series of very colorful sunrise images and called it,very unimaginatively, Sunrise Color.  Well this is the sister post, with the outtakes from that morning that just didn’t go well enough with the others for me to include them there, despite the fact that I really liked them (I outright […]

Sunrise Color

So here’s this past Monday morning up at Bullhead Bay, shivering in shorts and a light jacket that weren’t the smartest choice while fog curled around my ankles.  I shoot here a lot, the shoreline and especially the dock being perennial favorites of mine.  If I keep working a location enough, I figure that I’ll […]

A perfect summer day

This is what a perfect summer day looks like.  Just in case anyone is wondering and hasn’t seen one for themselves.  This was a couple of weeks back, on a morning outing to Tobyhanna State Park with the kayak, on one of those mornings where all the variables come together flawlessly.  Sunshine, a sky filled […]

Simple Clicks – mystery flower

I’ve got no idea what these are.  They appeared in shallower sections of Tobyhanna Lake, amid mats of floating vegetation.  The whole flower is very small and unlike any I’ve ever seen before.  A quick Google image search as fruitless.  All I really know for sure is that there weren’t many of them out there […]

Birding in July

July always signals the end of the true birding season for me.  Although it’s possible to continue observing birds, working with them, photographing them, their most vibrant season is over.  Mating has ended, most nests have fledged young, and by the end of the month some birds are already starting to molt into their autumn […]

Simple Clicks – not quite macro

I made these a few minutes before the photos in the last post.  I had walked out onto the bridge across Lackawanna Lake with the thought of shooting across the water, but that scene didn’t jump out at me.  But I did see several thick patches of this pink flower pushing up by the sidewalk, […]

Simple Clicks – another week of heat

This past week was another hot one.  I headed up to Lackawanna State Park on Tuesday evening, thinking that there might be some relief by the water, maybe a cool breeze.  Wishful thinking – instead, the air was dense and swampy with humidity, so thick that you could see it in the sunbeams that cut […]

Dog Days of Summer

It’s 93* outside, which means that I start sweating as soon as I look out the window. The air outside is sticky and saturated 24-hours a day; even the nights don’t cool down and the breeze, if you can find it, is just hot, sticky air in motion. These are the dog days of summer. […]


“This morning I sat on top of a mountain just after sunrise and dined on low bush blueberries still fresh with dew.  There can be no great sign, no greater affirmation, that summer is here than that.  Surrounded by the chatter of bird song and the last fog clinging to the low areas of the […]

Simple Clicks – Mountain Laurel

Mountain Laurel is a Pennsylvania standard – the Lehigh Valley is filled with it and the flower’s beauty and aroma have become part of the local spring landscape, not only in actuality but also in the local history.  And for good reason – it’s simply lovely. This was my first close encounter with it.  Another […]

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