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Saturday Light – The Fourth Wall headshots

A brief Saturday Light post this week, highlighting the promotional shoot I did with the New Vintage Ensemble for their upcoming production of “The Fourth Wall,” which opens…

BRENT PENNINGTON Net Driven employees and their guests revel during the annual company Christmas party, held at the Colonnade in downtown Scranton, PA, on the evening of 05 December 2015.

Saturday Light – lighting on the run

I’ve shot several different gigs lately, but instead of doing a series of Saturday Light posts about each, it makes more sense to lump them together because when…


Saturday Light – portraits with color gels

In this edition of Saturday Light, we’re going to take a look at making studio portraits that are a bit different from the norm, utilizing colored gels to…

BRENT PENNINGTONFresh blueberries shot in the kitchen studio, 03 August 2014.

Fresh from the farm(ers market)

Been working on some food photography over the past few weeks, off and on, as I’ve come home with goods from the farmer’s market. We go down every…

BRENT PENNINGTON Kelly Farrell, Emily Maier, & April Holgate pose for the promotional shoot of "The Last Cocktail Party of Venus," held at The Vintage on the evening of 09 July 2013.

Saturday Light: TLCPoV Promo

Stepping away from the natural world for a moment to look at something completely different, sort of a ninety-degree turn from the shooting I’ve been doing in the…

Promotional images featuring the cast of "Pride & Prejudice," produced for The Vintage Theater.  Session was held at Conor O'Brien's home on Saturday, 23 March 2013.

Saturday Light: Pride & Prejudice Promo Shoot

This one is long overdue.  Several weeks ago I shared a bit of behind-the-scenes look on what goes into preparing for a photo shoot – in this case,…

Artifacts belonging to the Binghamton Township Historical Society, photographed for use in the "Featured Artifact" section of the BTHS website.

How I almost skunked myself (and technology saved me)

It’s too damn hot, even for photography, and has been for the past week.  A real heat wave that’s reduced most of us to hanging around the A/C…

Male Northern Cardinal at the Sevensky Feeder on the morning of 11 July 2012.

Feeder birds, and how a simple idea can become much more complex

I spent a morning last week up at Paul’s place for some morning feeder bird action.  Paul’s got three feeders and a bird bath setup in near his…


Olympus OM-D E-M5 Review: Studio Work (static)

Although the majority of my personal work takes place outdoors, my professional ventures are split about 70/30, with the smaller portion taking place in an indoor studio setting,…


Simple Clicks: Food Photos

Been playing with some food photography setups lately, in a very informal, experimental way. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to work with and I greatly admire the…

Tethered Shooting via Canon EOS Utilities software

Tethered Shooting

Like so many of my photographic explorations, my foray into tethered shooting probably lacks scientific methodology or testing. I pretty much jumped into it just because an opportunity…


Orchids in the Studio

Today I’m going to join the ranks of millions on Flickr and bore to you tears with flower shots. Actually, I really hope that I don’t bore you….