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Saturday Light – portraits with color gels

In this edition of Saturday Light, we’re going to take a look at making studio portraits that are a bit different from the norm, utilizing colored gels to inject some color into the process.  This is a technique that I’ve been intrigued with for some time now, and which I’ve appreciated in the work of […]

Flashes and funny cycles

I completed my first major photo shoot of the new year on Sunday, a day-long engagement with a group of incredibly talented models and stylists for a local magazine.  Actual photos from the day will have to wait until after the publication date, which is sometime in late February, but will definitely appear as soon […]

Saturday Light: Alli

This was a shoot I had been looking forward to for a long time, but conflicting schedules kept getting in the way, until finally we were able to pull it off. Alli is a dear friend of Mandy and I, who is giving serious thought to trying her hand at modeling. She’s got the look […]

Saturday Light – Kristen’s Senior Shoot

Playing catch up here after the wedding, which has put not only my posts, but also most of my editing off by a a couple of weeks. So stepping back in time to early September, this is Kristen’s senior session. And alright, it wasn’t actually a Saturday shoot, but that sounds better than “Thursday Light,” […]

Jesse & Allison’s Wedding

Spent last weekend in Connecticut at my best friend’s wedding, which is why this week’s posts have been off-schedule. Like all great weddings, it took a couple of days to recover from – and a few more days to work through the photos. This wasn’t a straight forward gig for me: I was actually one […]

Review – Yongnuo RF-602 Radio Slaves

The Yongnuo RF-602s have been in my bag for several months now, which has given me plenty of time to work with them. For those of you who like quick reviews, here’s the summation: they work really, really well and have solved the problems I had with my previous set. For those of you who […]

Throwing a Car into a Senior Session

Partway through Wednesday’s senior portrait session with Lauren, she mentioned that she had a new car, and was absolutely in love with it.  Her question: “Can I take some photos with it?”  Of course my answer was, “Sure!” Now full disclosure, I’ve never done any automotive shooting before, although I’ve read about it a few […]

Run Ragged

Did a shoot with these little gals a few nights back and they ran me ragged.  I’m more used to working with an older crowd, mostly mid-teens to adults, so this was a big change.  Working with kids was fun, but they really keep you racing just to keep up.  Since their attention span is […]

Mixed bag of links

The heat is finally breaking here, but it’s still been far, far too many days since I last had a camera in my hand.  Frankly, it’s driving me a little crazy, which isn’t helped by the huge amounts of paperwork that I’ve been tackling instead.  Regardless of weather, I need to get back into the […]

Updating my radio slaves

The time has finally come to set aside my now-vintage Cactus 16-channel radio slaves in favor of the newer Yongnuo RF-602 series.  If you’ve been with the blog for a while now, you’ve probably heard me tout the old 16-channel system time and time again.  They were cheap, easily modified, and highly dependable – I’ve […]

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