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Spring feeder birds

It is spring, and with the coming of the warmer months has come a new collection of avian guests at my backyard feeder, all decked out in their…


Simple Clicks – macro dew

A late post for yesterday, which I missed while on the road.  This is a forsythia bush, just starting to blossom – they’re fairly common in NEPA and…


Simple Clicks – flowing water

I stopped and played in the stream that flows across the old gravel road up at the Eales Preserve last weekend.  I had the new Olympus TG-3 with…


Hiking the Pine Barrens

12 April 2015 – this Sunday was such a beautiful day that it would have been a crime to spend it indoors.  So once my outside chores were…


Simple Clicks – shore ice

Although there was still ice on the lake this past weekend, in the 2.5 miles I paddled I only found two places where any snow or ice remained…


First Paddle of Spring

11 April 2015 – Saturday morning and, for the first time in months, I got some time on the water.  I made it up to Bullhead Bay just…

BRENT PENNINGTON Long grass at Archbald Regional Park at the start of spring, 05 March 2013.

Spring Update

It’s been a couple of weeks now without any posts, for which I apologize.  I’ve been working on other projects that have taken up my time, and the…


The end is nigh!

The end of winter, that is.  And I present as evidence the little guy (or girl): the American Goldfinch.  Absent these past several months, the Goldfinches are returning…

BRENT PENNINGTON Water lily blossoms stretch towards the sun on Lower Lake at Promised Land State Park on the morning of 27 May 2013.

Simple Clicks – moon & lilies

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BRENT PENNINGTON Goslings huddle in a pile to stay warm near Lackawanna Lake on the morning of 26 May 2013.

Simple Clicks – pig pile!

You wouldn’t know it by looking at this photo, but it was a cold morning when I shot this and these guys were huddled into a gosling pig…

BRENT PENNINGTON A Cedar Waxwing feeds among tree blossoms at Lackawanna Lake on the morning of 26 May 2013.

Simple Clicks – Cedar Waxwings

Waxwings in the spring!  I don’t usually see these guys until later in the year so it was a pleasant surprise to find them this spring in the…

BRENT PENNINGTON An Eastern Phoebe takes a break from hunting insects along Lackawanna Lake on the morning of 27 April 2013.

A mix of shore-dwellers

Spring’s progression doesn’t only bring green back to the landscape in an amazing range of hues, but also brings waves of new avian species to the area. I’ve…