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Simple Clicks – an oddity

This is a Pied-billed Grebe. Or at least his head. The rest of him is underwater and in the ten minutes or so that I was paddling near him, I only saw him come fully to the surface once. This grebe is a summer resident and one that I’ve never seen before. Rather than taking […]

Simple Clicks – Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air, or so goes the old euphemism for the mating season, when everything from the birds to the bees starts feeling the urge to go out and, well…reproduce.  In this case, it’s the rather large Common Snapping Turtle pictured above.  I found him in the marsh at Lackawanna State Park while paddling […]

Simple Clicks – sign of spring

  Pussy willows are one of the true signs of springs in my mind, along with the first Robins and daffodil blossoms.  These were just off the trail at Sapsucker woods.  My favorite thing about this photo?  The background colors.  I boosted the saturation and vibrance somewhat in Photoshop, but the base colors were there […]

Sapsucker in the Spring

  With the return of the birds in the spring migration, I made a run up to Sapsucker Woods a couple of weekends back to check in and see what was flying about.  Sapsucker Woods is one of my favorite places to photograph and I make several trips there each year between spring and autumn. […]

Simple Clicks – Mockingbird

Another first for my life list came along in the past couple of weeks: the Northern Mockingbird. The first one was a lucky catch, as he was perched on the sign up at Fords on the morning that I found the Bluebirds. I saw him in silhouette and realized he was something new and was […]

Simple Clicks – on the farm

It wouldn’t be springtime without a trip down to Hillside! We stopped by last weekend to visit all the critters and, especially, to meet the new pig who has taken up residence there. Well, turns out that he wasn’t around, which was a little disappointing, but we made up for it with everything else. Related […]

Crappy cell phone photo of the day

This is the first of what I assume may be many crappy cell phone photos I end up sharing here.  Sorry.  It was bound to happen some day.  The whole “the best camera is the one you have with you thing.”  I wasn’t out this afternoon with photography in mind, but when I got caught […]

Simple Clicks – the Bluebird of Happiness

Just a couple more images to share from my birding last Saturday, and specifically the Eastern Bluebird pair I was able to work with. They were very accommodating for birds, perching on branches that were well within lens range and even mugging for the camera a little. Related Posts:Simple Clicks – pig pile!Simple Clicks – […]

Spring star trails

  I wrapped up my perfect spring Saturday with an evening under the stars with friends.  It’s been a while since I’ve shot any astrophotography, in part because I was struggling to keep it interesting.  As a genera, it’s a bit of a tricky one; adding interest to any astro scene depends a lot on […]

Simple Clicks – A change in elevation

  After leaving Archbald Regional Park on Friday morning, I stopped up at the Eales Preserve on Moosic Mountain to see how the season was developing there.  I also had the faint hope that the Eastern Towhees would be back.  No dice on that one, which wasn’t a surprise.  It’s amazing how much difference a […]

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