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Orchids in the Studio

Today I’m going to join the ranks of millions on Flickr and bore to you tears with flower shots. Actually, I really hope that I don’t bore you….

Nick Pennington poses for an outdoor session in the woods near Lefferts Pond in Chittenden, VT, on the afternoon of 29 December 2011.

Saturday Light: In the Woods

Stepping back to Vermont during the holidays (the same day that I shot the sunrise photos in the freezing cold) the afternoon temperature reached a balmy 23* and…

Senior session for Lauren Boyle in the mobile studio on 10 December 2011.

Saturday Light: Lauren

Back from my short hiatus while working on my other site [link], here’s another edition of Saturday Light with Lauren, who has become a familiar face here over…

Christmas photos of Gianna Gravine taken at Fell Charter School on the evening of 02 December 2011.

Saturday Light: Gianna

Now for something completely different: Gianna, my first foray into the world of children’s photography. This was a shoot done for Gianna’s mom, who is a friend of…

Brent & Mandy's Christmas Photo, created on 02 December 2011 in conjunction with Paul Sevensky.

The Dreaded, Infamous Couples Portrait Returns

Last December I blogged about my experiences with the Dreaded, Infamous Couples Self-Portrait. I blame it all on Mandy, who was insistent that I take an up-to-date couples…


Nikon Ups Flash Offering – Where’s Canon?

Word is out about Nikon’s newest Speedlight, the SB-910, which is an incremental upgrade to their already popular SB-900 that apparently addresses a few issues and implements an…


New Gear – Apollo Orb Octobox

I got an octobox!  I’ve wanted one of these for years; the Apollo Orb was just released and it’s unique design makes it perfect for Speedlites, avoiding two…

Trial shot of Lauren during her 2nd senior session, 06 November 2011.

Simple Clicks – Glamour Light

Just a trial run for an idea I’ve been hoping to develop better. I’ve seen other photogs use this style of lighting with kick ass results and have…


Saturday Light – Kristen & Lauren

As I mentioned in my last post, I spent most of this past weekend behind a camera. It was great! Whereas I started photography afraid to work with…

Kristen, a high school senior, poses at her grandparent's house on the evening of 01 September 2011.

Saturday Light – Kristen’s Senior Shoot

Playing catch up here after the wedding, which has put not only my posts, but also most of my editing off by a a couple of weeks. So…

Jesse & Allison’s Wedding

Spent last weekend in Connecticut at my best friend’s wedding, which is why this week’s posts have been off-schedule. Like all great weddings, it took a couple of…

September Update

Not much personal photography the past few weeks, due to a mix of work and play.  Well, work and work is more like it…business work and at-home work….