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Thoughts on computers and OS

And now for something completely different.  The image above is a screenshot from the desktop of laptop running Ubuntu, which is itself a flavor of Linux.  I say flavor because that’s probably the most accurate way to describe the various Linux options (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Mint, etc). I’ve been playing with Ubuntu for a couple […]

Adobe’s Creative Cloud

The news about Adobe’s new Creative Cloud model is pretty much common knowledge now; there’s been plenty of posts about it on other sites. Some of those just reiterate the Adobe PR release and others take a personal stance. If you haven’t read much about this yet, I’ve linked to the highlights after the break. […]

Photoshop CS6

I finally gave in and upgraded to Photoshop CS6. It’s been installed for about two weeks now and I’m slowly becoming more comfortable with it. It’s funny, since it’s essentially the same program, just updated and re-designed, but each time a I move up to a new version, I feel like I’m all thumbs for […]

My thoughts on HDR

“] HDR photography has been around for several years now. In fact, I can remember when the rage started and everyone ran out and started shooting multiple bracketed exposures and posting garish, alien-looking landscapes complete with color artifacts and halos. This, naturally, sparked the expected controversy between the purists and the experimentalists, which continues to […]

Adobe Bridge & Why it Works for Me

Compared to Lightroom, Adobe Bridge takes a lot of trash talk. As one big-name photographer put it, “It comes free with Photoshop. You get what you pay for.” And so this idea has disseminated down from the industry leaders, all the way to the hobbyist photographers, so that no matter what company I’m in, when […]

Tethered Shooting

Like so many of my photographic explorations, my foray into tethered shooting probably lacks scientific methodology or testing. I pretty much jumped into it just because an opportunity arose and, since it was working, stuck with it long enough to figure out some pros and cons. I referenced this in a post a little while […]

Review – VSCO Film Plugin

Maybe it’s just trendy right now, but for the past year or so I’ve seen a lot of photos processed to look like old film prints. Real film – I’m not talking about that lomography, hipster-matic stuff here. It’s a look I like, something about the depth of the colors, the contrast, sometimes even the […]

How I Process Panoramas

In my last post, I discussed how I shoot images for a panorama. This time, I’ll walk you through my post-production process for making a final, composited image. Again, this is pretty simple stuff – I like to keep things simple whenever possible. Related Posts:Netbooks & PhotographyHow I Shoot PanoramasDodging & Burning in PhotoshopPanoramaExplorations in […]

Layers: The Complete Guide – Review

Buy this book.  It’s a crappy way to start a review, I know, but it’s really just that simple – if you meet any of the criteria below, buy the book. If you’re fairly new to Photoshop and need to get a jump start If you’re a moderate user but want to know a lot […]

Netbooks & Photography

A couple of weeks back I posted about replacing my aging laptop with a new netbook.  There were several factors that went into the decision, but essentially I was willing to trade some performance for the smaller size.  Just how much performance I was sacrificing was unknown. Given the time I’ve spent with it, now I know: […]

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