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Nature - After the Snow Storm

Simple Clicks – winters past

It’s winter in NEPA, despite the strange warm spell that lasted to Christmas Eve, when it was just shy of 70 degrees.  We’ve had rain and gloom for…

Slider - Winter Pond

Simple Clicks – Winters past

It was sixty-four degrees in Scranton yesterday.  It was sixty-three degrees today, and it’s raining outside now.  The odds of a white Christmas are looking pretty slim, and…


Simple Clicks – South Branch of Tunkhannock Creek in b&w

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Simple Clicks – last of the snow

A few final captures from the end of winter, the last early-spring snowstorm that hit us in the final weeks of March.  I drove up to Lackawanna State…


Simple Clicks – crow tracks in the snow

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Winter in B&W

And we’re back!  Although to start off this weekend, I’m stepping back to late February with some snow-filled photos, despite the fact that the snow is now (thankfully)…


Views of winter

A last few photos from my winter hike, for which I arrived over prepared.  I set out with my Frog Tog waterproof pants on over my jeans, bundled…


Ice Fishing

Last weekend, when the temperature finally rose above zero – and above freezing – I trekked out to the park for my annual “go stand on the ice”…


Simple Clicks – takeoff

A couple of neat finds from my hike on Sunday afternoon.  We’d had an inch or two of snowfall the night before and the woods were filled with…


Simple Clicks – Frosty

Found this guy yesterday on the shores of Lackawanna Lake.  I was taking advantage of the sudden day-long heat wave (it got up to 37!) and hiked down…


Simple Clicks – wind and snow

Another favorite image from my visit to Promised Land State Park last week, and the only one I processed in color.  There was something about this shot, the…


Simple Clicks – passing memory

One of my favorite photos from my visit to Promised Land State Park, I captured this outside of the wildlife blind at the beginning of my hike.  I…