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Simple Clicks – Macro in the garden

Playing around in the garden one morning a couple of months back, with the old Takumar 50mm macro lens.  I’m always amazed at how even the smallest breath of wind can make macro photography of plants impossible.  I don’t notice the breeze until I start trying to focus, and then it seems that the plants […]

Simple Clicks – Solitary surprise

A few weeks back I shared some photos from a sunset paddle around the north end of Prompton Lake.  This photo is from that outing and was a surprising capture of a Solitary Sandpiper hunting on the mud flats at twilight. Related Posts:Simple Clicks – Lackawanna morningSimple Clicks – Eastern KingbirdSimple Click – Unexpected VisitorSimple […]

Simple Clicks – a few more from Big Pocono

Just a few final shots from my first visit to Big Pocono State Park that didn’t make the last post, mainly because two of them are in black & white which just didn’t go with the rest of the batch.  Why b&w in such a random way?  I don’t know – sometimes I look at […]

Simple Clicks – Misc Summer

  These have been sitting around in my “to share” folder for a while now and I’m not sure why.  I guess they’re left-overs that didn’t really go with another post at the time, but which I still liked enough to want to share.  So in lieu of a better idea, I’m going to throw […]

Simple Clicks – Panorama on the lake

One last shot from my Saturday morning outing, processing with a Velvia film emulation like the others from that morning but again, rather toned-down from the defaults.  It’s a good perspective, out over the water, and I was drawn to not only the reflections, but that little accent of fog way down the lake.  It’s […]

Simple Clicks – mystery flower

I’ve got no idea what these are.  They appeared in shallower sections of Tobyhanna Lake, amid mats of floating vegetation.  The whole flower is very small and unlike any I’ve ever seen before.  A quick Google image search as fruitless.  All I really know for sure is that there weren’t many of them out there […]

Simple Clicks – Eales Preserve in July

And since we’re talking about the Eales Preserve today, I thought I’d wrap up with a few simple clicks from my visits there over the past month.  The sunrise above, where I was struck by the warm tones lying close to the horizon.  And the foggy view (after the break) across the pine barrens. Related […]

Simple Clicks – not quite macro

I made these a few minutes before the photos in the last post.  I had walked out onto the bridge across Lackawanna Lake with the thought of shooting across the water, but that scene didn’t jump out at me.  But I did see several thick patches of this pink flower pushing up by the sidewalk, […]

Simple Clicks – another week of heat

This past week was another hot one.  I headed up to Lackawanna State Park on Tuesday evening, thinking that there might be some relief by the water, maybe a cool breeze.  Wishful thinking – instead, the air was dense and swampy with humidity, so thick that you could see it in the sunbeams that cut […]

Simple Clicks – lily pads

This was one of those mornings when the lake was so calm and clear that you could see right down to the bottom anywhere it was shallow enough for the light to reach.  The lily pads were just getting started – it’s still May – and there were no blossoms yet, only a couple of […]

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