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An American Robin stalks worms in the backyard on the morning of 19 April 2015.

Simple Clicks – Robin of spring

Or the past few weeks, this image more than other other says, to me, that spring has arrived.  It’s not the first Robin – I found those back…


Simple Clicks – color or b&w?

Color or black & white?  Both work for me, but for different reasons.  This is an old, drowned stump back in the marsh at Fords Pond, and the…


Simple Clicks – macro dew

A late post for yesterday, which I missed while on the road.  This is a forsythia bush, just starting to blossom – they’re fairly common in NEPA and…


Simple Clicks – feeder birds

A few photos from the backyard feeder, where spring has arrived to stay.  The American Goldfinches have largely moved through, although a few individuals are still in the…


Simple Clicks – flowing water

I stopped and played in the stream that flows across the old gravel road up at the Eales Preserve last weekend.  I had the new Olympus TG-3 with…


Simple Clicks – shore ice

Although there was still ice on the lake this past weekend, in the 2.5 miles I paddled I only found two places where any snow or ice remained…


Simple Clicks – South Branch of Tunkhannock Creek in b&w

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Simple Clicks – last of the snow

A few final captures from the end of winter, the last early-spring snowstorm that hit us in the final weeks of March.  I drove up to Lackawanna State…


Happy Easter

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Simple Clicks – ice!

This is why I still can’t go kayaking…  A solid 16+ inches of ice covering the lake.  The park folks must have quarried this out, as it was…


Simple Clicks – gone for the winter

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Simple Clicks – early spring feeder birds

Just a few captures from the backyard bird feeder over the past few weekends.  The snow wasn’t the greatest conditions to be working through, but it did add…