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Simple Clicks – Common Yellowthroat

Among the spring warblers, I always consider the Common Yellowthroat to be a special capture.  Despite the implication of its name, in my experience the Common Yellowthroat is…


American Crow

Meet the American Crow, smaller cousin of the Raven and one of the most common – and probably most misunderstood – birds that people are familiar with.  You’ve…


Simple Clicks – sunset at Fords

Sunset at Fords Pond always involves the tree.  In part, because the tree is generally to the west, or westerly, and so becomes a natural focal point.  But…

BRENT PENNINGTON A Greater Yellowlegs hunts in the marsh at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge on the afternoon of 23 April 2016.

Simple Clicks – a last few Southern birds

  A last few birds from my adventures in Savannah, beginning with this Greater Yellowlegs hunting in the marsh at Savannah NWR. And then there’s the adult male…


Simple Clicks – Live Oaks

“Live oaks point the way with twisted trunks under mossy drapes So pull back the curtain, the Devil be damned Into the fog, we will make our stand”…

BRENT PENNINGTON Black-bellied Whistling Ducks rest together on the edge of the marsh at the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge on the afternoon of 23 April 2016.

Simple Clicks – a mouthful of duck

These are Black-bellied Whistling Ducks.  Which is the longest named duck species I’ve ever seen.  It’s a real mouthful! Related Posts:Simple Clicks – Wood DucksSimple Clicks – Common YellowthroatAmerican…

Simple Clicks – sunrise over the lowcountry

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BRENT PENNINGTON The lighthouse hides behind palms at Hunting Island State Park near Beaufort, SC, on the afternoon of 19 April 2016.

Simple Clicks – a new kind of beach

Midweek we drove north out of Georgia into South Carolina, bypassing the moneyed island of Hilton Head for the small town of Beaufort, still farther north.  Beaufort is…

BRENT PENNINGTON The Tybee Island lighthouse, as seen from Tybee beach, on the morning of 17 April 2016.

Simple Clicks – Tybee Island lighthouse

The historic lighthouse on Tybee Island, as seen from the island’s beach, at the mouth of the Savannah River.  I didn’t climb up, but I enjoyed having it…

Nature - After the Snow Storm

Simple Clicks – winters past

It’s winter in NEPA, despite the strange warm spell that lasted to Christmas Eve, when it was just shy of 70 degrees.  We’ve had rain and gloom for…

Slider - Winter Pond

Simple Clicks – Winters past

It was sixty-four degrees in Scranton yesterday.  It was sixty-three degrees today, and it’s raining outside now.  The odds of a white Christmas are looking pretty slim, and…


Simple Clicks – hawk mystery

This photo – not a very good capture from a photographic standpoint – is from my encounter with the Red Tailed Hawks at Paul’s house this past summer….