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Looking for Spring

Although this week marks the beginning of astronomical Spring, you sure can’t tell it from the weather. The temperatures in Northeastern Pennsylvania have been a good 10-15 degrees below normal for the daytime high, with the nights correspondingly colder than normal. To add insult to injury, most days are largely cloudy and windy, more reminiscent […]

In The Backyard: Morning & Evening

I’ve really enjoyed using my backyard for shots for the blog. As I said previously, you often don’t have to travel very far to find some interesting photo subjects. The photos in this post were taken on two different days, about 10 days apart. The first pair were morning shots, while the second grouping was […]

Simple Clicks: Dog Days

Although August is often called the “Dog Days,” the timing of this pair of photos is purely coincidental. Most of my animal kingdom photo efforts are centered around birds, with both smaller (dragonflies and other insects, for instance) and larger specimens (horses) included. Other than snapshots of our now-deceased three cats, I never seriously pursued […]

Swan Lake

Actually, that title should be “Swan Pond,” since these images were taken at Fords Pond, a favorite nearby location. This is the latest addition to the family of wildlife I have photographed at the pond, which includes Red-winged Blackbirds, a Great Blue Heron, Cedar Waxwings, Yellow Warblers and common Snapping Turtles. On inspecting this swan […]


I like the way the interplay of lighting and composition can seemingly transform the attributes of a scene, particularly in early morning or in the fading light of dusk. This image comes from Bullhead Bay at Lackawanna State Park, a long-time favorite shooting location for both Brent and me. We have photographed this region of […]

Foggy Morning at Fords – Paul’s Perspective

As Brent noted in his post on this subject, we spent some time at Fords Pond one morning last week while the lake mist was still lifting. If you look at the images in the two posts, I believe you’ll find a noticeable difference in overall tone and mood. This is the first of three […]

On The Fly

I’ve always seen dragonflies in the summer, but I’ve never paid much attention to this ancient creature of the order Odonata. That is starting to change. I came across this specimen while stopping by Bullhead Bay at Lackawanna State Park. Bullhead Bay has always been a favorite place for Brent and me; there are often […]

“Little Robin Red Breast…”

So goes the wording of the traditional nursery rhyme about one of our most familiar birds. Since I began birding more seriously, I must admit that I’ve often ignored this common backyard resident — probably because it is such a common species. But that fact shouldn’t make robins less interesting, so I have combined a […]

Simple Clicks – New Neighbor

This isn’t a great shot; normally I wouldn’t post it because it’s not a high-quality image. But it is the first acceptable shot of someone relatively new in the neighborhood: a Red-tailed Hawk. I think he may have been here last summer; I could hear a raptor-like cry, but could never see anything, so I […]

In The Backyard: Pretty Birdy – NOT!

The term “Pretty Birdy”  isn’t something you associate with a grackle, but this particular species has its own sort of beauty — at least visually. The iridescent black and blue feathers, such as those on this one I captured on one of our feeders, are certainly attractive, and that distinctive yellow eye with its black […]

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