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First Snowfall

The first snowfall came yesterday, fat flakes that drifted down all day, adding up to a couple of inches across lawns and rooftops.  While household chores kept me inside yesterday, I was absolutely up with the dawn today and back at Fords.  There’s something magical about the first snowfall, the way it transforms the landscape. […]

Late Autumn @ 50mm

Out on Sunday during a rare 60 degree November day, mostly just for the fresh air and a good hike, but also to try out the new 50mm prime.   There’s a quality to late autumn that makes it appealing in a stark way; the leaves are gone, the grasses gone to yellow and gold, […]

Shooting in a Winter Wonderland

The afternoon sky is gray and there is a definite chill to the air. Winter is fast approaching in NEPA – and not just the sporadic snow showers we had a few weeks back, but full-on winter, with three inches of snow across the frozen ground. So with the season – and it’s incredibly photogenic […]

November Sunrise

Technically it’s autumn until December 21st, even though the leaves are mostly long gone and the landscape has taken on a bleak look.  But that doesn’t meant that it’s time to stay warm in bed and let the sun rise on its own.  Nope – out of bed in the dark, with the temperature outside […]

Back & in the Dark

Was dragged away from posting last week due to a absolutely insane week, but things are back to usual now, and I wanted to get back on here without wasting any time.  A combination of factors is making shooting time very precious: the change to Daylight Savings Time makes sunset a very early venture again […]

Cooperstown, NY

Last Wednesday we decided to go to Cooperstown. So we booked a room and on Friday evening, we left. If you’ve never been, Cooperstown is one of those charming tourist towns that somehow manages to handle hoards of visitors with grace and charm. Laid out over a few blocks at the southern tip of Otsego […]

Winter Wonderland – Part II

Last time I talked about a few tips to make winter photography more enjoyable.  The next question I’ll tackle is the old refrain, “It’s cold, there’s snow, what’s there to shoot?”  At the rick of sounding like a smart alec, the answer is “snow.”     Landscapes take on an entirely new look during the […]

Winter Wonderland – Part I

Winter is definitely here to stay for a while longer, and if you’re in the northeast like me, that means short days and cold temperatures.  But it certainly doesn’t have to mean the end of photography for the season!  Of course there’s the obvious alternative of shooting indoors, which we’ll discuss a bit later – […]

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