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Saturday Light: Sara in the summer

You’ve seen some of these photos before, in Tuesday’s OM-D portraiture review. But I wanted to go back and share a few more images from the session as well as pick up the Saturday Light series. It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these, because it’s been a while since I’ve had a […]

Saturday Light: Kelly’s Headshots

Tuesday’s missed post was brought to you by a nasty viral cold. After several days on the couch, I’m finally back on my feet. But if this post doesn’t make sense, you can blame it on the cold meds. I almost feel like this shouldn’t be a “Saturday Light” post, since there aren’t any strobes […]

Saturday Light: In the Woods

Stepping back to Vermont during the holidays (the same day that I shot the sunrise photos in the freezing cold) the afternoon temperature reached a balmy 23* and I headed to the woods with my brother, Nick.  The goal: to make some portraits that were all about him. Nick is like most people when it […]

Saturday Light: Paul’s Reflection

This was easily the most unusual portrait shoot I’ve yet done, and one of the most difficult.  The idea was Paul’s – my good friend and fellow photographer, who wanted to put his own face alongside a portrait of his grandfather as a young man.  But rather than simply pose with the portrait (heck, anyone […]

Saturday Light: Lauren

Back from my short hiatus while working on my other site [link], here’s another edition of Saturday Light with Lauren, who has become a familiar face here over the course of her three-part senior session. It was really supposed to be a two-part session, but due to some scheduling troubles and a bit of miscommunication, […]

Saturday Light: Gianna

Now for something completely different: Gianna, my first foray into the world of children’s photography. This was a shoot done for Gianna’s mom, who is a friend of mine, and wanted some photos to include in the annual Christmas card. We kicked around a few ideas and settled on a two-part shoot, starting with some […]

Saturday Light: Alli

This was a shoot I had been looking forward to for a long time, but conflicting schedules kept getting in the way, until finally we were able to pull it off. Alli is a dear friend of Mandy and I, who is giving serious thought to trying her hand at modeling. She’s got the look […]

Saturday Light – Kristen & Lauren

As I mentioned in my last post, I spent most of this past weekend behind a camera. It was great! Whereas I started photography afraid to work with people, I’ve come to love portraiture. Spending a few hours with great subjects and good light and then coming home with kick ass photos is the best […]

Saturday Light – Kristen’s Senior Shoot

Playing catch up here after the wedding, which has put not only my posts, but also most of my editing off by a a couple of weeks. So stepping back in time to early September, this is Kristen’s senior session. And alright, it wasn’t actually a Saturday shoot, but that sounds better than “Thursday Light,” […]

Jesse & Allison’s Wedding

Spent last weekend in Connecticut at my best friend’s wedding, which is why this week’s posts have been off-schedule. Like all great weddings, it took a couple of days to recover from – and a few more days to work through the photos. This wasn’t a straight forward gig for me: I was actually one […]

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