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Canon 17-35mm L – Review

If camera gear is truly addictive, then I’m an addict.  I find that it’s hard to be satisfied with a lens – it seems that there’s always a better, faster model, with just one more feature.  So when I do finally find one that I’m completely happy with, it’s exciting. A while back, you may […]

Canon EF 70-210mm f/4 – Review

The lens bug is still with me, and the latest acquisition is another golden oldie, the Canon 70-210mm f/4 telephoto.  This was one of the first EF fast telephotos, originally introduced in 1987.  My copy is from 1987, purchased in like-new condition from It was my first time buying from KEH and I’m pleased […]

Canon Wireless Flash System

With the introduction of the EOS 7D, Canon finally took the initiative to play catch-up to Nikon in an area where they had been woefully lacking: wireless flash control.  For years Canon has been not only in the backseat, but in the far back of the bus, when compared to Nikon’s Creative Lighting System. The […]

New Camera Strap

Camera straps don’t excite most people, even photogs, and I know that for many years they didn’t excite me.  But during one of my recent spells of having Paypal funds burning a hole in my pocket, I pretty much went looking for some cheap accessories to buy and, fueled by a forum post somewhere, checked […]

Best of 2009

Happy New Year! With 2009 now officially behind us, I’ve taken a moment to look back across my body of work in the past year and pull some favorites.  The photos that follow are those shots that I like the best – chosen for technical accuracy, subject interest, and overall aesthetic.  I also want to […]

Canon Powershot SX120 – Review

Several changes in my system have forced me to reevaluate my current gear load, and some pieces are being replaced. Foremost is my Canon G10, which has been a wonderful little camera. But in reality, it is a point & shoot, and as P&S cameras go, it’s overpowered & overpriced for how I use it. […]

Canon 50mm f/1.8 Mk 1 – Review

This weekend I broke my usual line of purchases by buying the Canon 50mm f/1.8 Mk 1 lens.  What’s so different about this lens?  A couple of things, actually. For starters, the Canon 50mm is a prime lens.  The battle has long raged over prime vs. zoom lenses, photogs going all out to prove that […]

Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 – Review

In the world of professional photography, the 70-200mm f/2.8 zoom lens is one of the kings. No matter if you shoot Canon or Nikon, this is the telephoto lens that most photographers lust after and is the standard against which other telephotos are measured. If you’re not convinced, stop to consider this: Canon makes four […]

Canon EOS 7D – Review: Part 3b

I headed out this morning to do some sunrise shooting but was thwarted by an overcast sky and cold winds, and ended up coming home with only about a dozen shots.  The day cleared, however, and I was back out this evening at twilight for a spectacular evening.  While I was out, I made sure […]

Canon EOS 7D – Review: Part 3

For the final part in my series of reviews on the Canon EOS 7D, I’ll present the evidence that speaks loudest of all – sample images at a full range of ISO settings, in full-stop increments.  Each of the following images was taken with the Canon 7D + 28-135mm, IS deactivated, f/5.6, tripod mounted.  All […]

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