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[I bought this handplane used at a second hand store for $5.  I had no idea of it even worked, but it seemed sound.  A week of work and a little spray paint later, and it's good as new!  Saved me over $100.  Buy used when you can - tools are tools and most have a lot of life in them.]

Some thoughts on the nature of artistic pursuits

I haven’t been doing much photography lately – a couple of personal autumn outings, a few events, a portrait session or two, but the cameras have largely remained…

BRENT PENNINGTON Kimmy Pretko's senior portrait shoot, held at her home in Dallas, PA, and the nearby Lands at Hillside Farm on the afternoon of 24 October 2015.

Saturday Light – Kimmy’s Senior Photos

I headed down to the Back Mountain a couple of weekends back to shoot senior photos for my now-cousin (by marriage) Kimmy.  She’d already had her yearbook photos…

BRENT PENNINGTON Kelly Farrell, Emily Maier, & April Holgate pose for the promotional shoot of "The Last Cocktail Party of Venus," held at The Vintage on the evening of 09 July 2013.

Saturday Light: TLCPoV Promo

Stepping away from the natural world for a moment to look at something completely different, sort of a ninety-degree turn from the shooting I’ve been doing in the…

Promotional images featuring the cast of "Pride & Prejudice," produced for The Vintage Theater.  Session was held at Conor O'Brien's home on Saturday, 23 March 2013.

Prepping for a big shoot

I’m in the process of preparing for what may be my biggest photo shoot to date. It’s exciting – and a little scary. There’s a lot of behind…

PPFF Postcard

News from the other site

Just wanted to share a couple of posts from my other website, Brent Pennington: Photographer.  Click the image above to read the posts: the first is a postcard…

Bridge over Kennedy Creek at Lackawanna State Park on the afternoon of 21 October 2012.

Misc inspiration from the Net

I’ve once again spent (wasted) enough time surfing the internet to have come across some items of actual value amid the rest of the crap that’s out there….

BPP Masquerade Promo

Masquerade Ball promos complete

Photos from my Masquerade Ball Promo shoot are up on my other site: Masquerade Ball @ The Vintage | Brent Pennington: Photographer.  Thankfully they came out similar to…

Masquerade Promo shoot pre-visualization sketch.

Masquerade Promo Pre-shoot

Tomorrow night I’m shooting some promo shots for my friends at The Vintage. You won’t see this post until Thursday, at which point the shoot will already be…

BlogCon 2012 Badge

NEPA BlogCon

Today is NEPA BlogCon! I’m providing photo coverage all morning and into the early afternoon, then sitting on the panel for “Using Media Effectively” later in the day….


Coming up next

The next six weeks are going to be pretty darn busy from a photographic standpoint. What’s on deck? Well… a professional portrait session, a 45th wedding anniversary session,…

Artifacts belonging to the Binghamton Township Historical Society, photographed for use in the "Featured Artifact" section of the BTHS website.

How I almost skunked myself (and technology saved me)

It’s too damn hot, even for photography, and has been for the past week.  A real heat wave that’s reduced most of us to hanging around the A/C…


Working with models: the booking process, Part 2

We’re back!  In Part 1, we worked through the booking process right up to having a plan.  You could almost have called that the “pre-booking process,” since we…