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Saturday Light – the Fearsome Foursome

Thursday night, while Scranton’s heatwave was still in full-swing, I met up with a quartet of ladies known increasingly as the Fearsome Foursome. They’re some of the local movers and shakers – including my own girfriend and sometimes-assistant Mandy – and they are the driving force behind NEPA Blog Con, a regional blogger’s conference scheduled […]

Saturday Light: Sara in the summer

You’ve seen some of these photos before, in Tuesday’s OM-D portraiture review. But I wanted to go back and share a few more images from the session as well as pick up the Saturday Light series. It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these, because it’s been a while since I’ve had a […]

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Review: Portraiture

Alright, so after an embarassing couple of weeks filled with delays, we’re back on track to finally finish up this never-ending review series! So let’s talk portraiture. I saved this one until last for a few reasons, logistics being one of them. But also because portraiture has become one of my favorite kinds of photography […]

Saturday Light: In the Woods

Stepping back to Vermont during the holidays (the same day that I shot the sunrise photos in the freezing cold) the afternoon temperature reached a balmy 23* and I headed to the woods with my brother, Nick.  The goal: to make some portraits that were all about him. Nick is like most people when it […]

Saturday Light: Paul’s Reflection

This was easily the most unusual portrait shoot I’ve yet done, and one of the most difficult.  The idea was Paul’s – my good friend and fellow photographer, who wanted to put his own face alongside a portrait of his grandfather as a young man.  But rather than simply pose with the portrait (heck, anyone […]

Saturday Light: Lauren

Back from my short hiatus while working on my other site [link], here’s another edition of Saturday Light with Lauren, who has become a familiar face here over the course of her three-part senior session. It was really supposed to be a two-part session, but due to some scheduling troubles and a bit of miscommunication, […]

Saturday Light: Gianna

Now for something completely different: Gianna, my first foray into the world of children’s photography. This was a shoot done for Gianna’s mom, who is a friend of mine, and wanted some photos to include in the annual Christmas card. We kicked around a few ideas and settled on a two-part shoot, starting with some […]

Saturday Light: Alli

This was a shoot I had been looking forward to for a long time, but conflicting schedules kept getting in the way, until finally we were able to pull it off. Alli is a dear friend of Mandy and I, who is giving serious thought to trying her hand at modeling. She’s got the look […]

Simple Clicks – Glamour Light

Just a trial run for an idea I’ve been hoping to develop better. I’ve seen other photogs use this style of lighting with kick ass results and have been dying to try it myself. I was able to grab a few shots with Lauren on Saturday, which convinced me that it’s worth developing, even if […]

Saturday Light – Kristen’s Senior Shoot

Playing catch up here after the wedding, which has put not only my posts, but also most of my editing off by a a couple of weeks. So stepping back in time to early September, this is Kristen’s senior session. And alright, it wasn’t actually a Saturday shoot, but that sounds better than “Thursday Light,” […]

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