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Not quite right

This image – and the others in this post – are almost two months old.  I shot them while out in the kayak, on a trip to Promised Land State Park.  Amid my usual search for birds, I made a point to shoot some landscapes with the intention of adding them to my “Black & […]

Beaver Pond

I was able to get a few new sites in during my time in Vermont; this was the first of them, Beaver Pond, near Pico Mountain.  As you can see, it’s not much of a pond – really just a wet meadow, cut by a pair of creeks.  That’s how it shows up in the […]

Looking for Spring

Although this week marks the beginning of astronomical Spring, you sure can’t tell it from the weather. The temperatures in Northeastern Pennsylvania have been a good 10-15 degrees below normal for the daytime high, with the nights correspondingly colder than normal. To add insult to injury, most days are largely cloudy and windy, more reminiscent […]

Fresh snowfall

Sunday morning finally gave me an actual, cloud-free sunrise, coupled with maybe a half-inch of fresh snow – perfect conditions to get out and shake off some of the cobwebs that keep building during these seemingly endless stretches of cold, bland weather. Related Posts:Starting the New Year in VermontSimple Clicks – 26 June 2010A Cold […]

Best of 2012

These are my favorite images from the past year. Some are simple, others more complex; most have been seen on here before. It’s easy to forget about good shots from a few months ago, and fulfilling to go back and look through tagged images to re-discover them. Pulling this collection together, I feel better about […]

Simple Clicks – Gettysburg

As I mentioned before, the evening light in Gettysburg was just perfect and I was able to grab an hour or so to really work with the battlefield from a photographic standpoint.  These are a few of the shots that I wasn’t able to fit into the last post, but wanted to share.  Related Posts:Gettysburg […]

Thanksgiving morning in Vermont

A surprising number of my holidays start this way – out in the cold, roving around a lake or through the woods, usually by myself.  And maybe that sounds a little undesirable  but really it isn’t.  There’s something nice about starting the day off peacefully.  And I love being outside at sunrise when the world is […]

Searching for autumn – panoramas

As promised, a few panoramas from my search for autumn last weekend.  The longer I shoot panoramas, the more I enjoy it, the wider view, the greater possible detail that I’m able to capture.  In the one above, I blotched the actual whole-tree version I had tried to shoot – too much distortion.  But in […]

Searching for autumn

Autumn, as a season and as the elements that make it up, is fleeting. Transitory, arriving with subtly until suddenly you realize it’s really here, and then just a couple of weeks later it’s passed, always fading out faster than you remember. Then the hillsides are brown and it’s simply winter, or pre-winter, or whatever […]

Lost in the fog

Spent Saturday morning up at Lackawanna State Park, lost in one of the thickest fogs I can remember having seen in a while. The lost part is, of course, more about my state of mind than any lack of physical orientation, which I figure is a better kind of lost all around. It’s comforting in […]

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