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Cooperstown, NY

Last Wednesday we decided to go to Cooperstown. So we booked a room and on Friday evening, we left. If you’ve never been, Cooperstown is one of those charming tourist towns that somehow manages to handle hoards of visitors with grace and charm. Laid out over a few blocks at the southern tip of Otsego […]

A Very Cool Wedding

Earlier in the week I shared my thoughts on the wedding blog Style Me Pretty. Since I’m checking them out on a regular basis, you can expect some of their posts to filter over here with my thoughts. I’m not going to shift gears and become a wedding critic, but I feel that certain weddings […]

Salt Springs State Park

I’ve mentioned Salt Springs in a number of previous posts, but I feel that to really do it justice, it deserves a post all its own. Salt Springs is a modest little park, tucked into the hills just south of the PA/NY border. It doesn’t seem to receive a lot of notice, and if you […]

Why We Do This

Sometimes, amid all the bustle and invoices and editing and working, we forget whey we went to photography in he first place. We forget what it is that makes us stick with it, year after year, struggling to learn, to improve, and to succeed. But then a moment comes along that reminds us, and we […]

Up with the sun…

Sunday morning is for sunrises and hiking, not sleeping in.  I was walking the beach at Promised Land State Park by 6 am.  By 8 there was some light hiking.  Then home with breakfast by 10 am. Twilight, sunrise, and fog on the water.  I’m not sure what could be better.  Here are the highlights: […]

Light – Making the Most of What You Have

Not every sunrise or sunset is going to be spectacular.  Depending on what part of the world you live in, execptional skys may truely be the exception, instead of the norm.  Here in Northeast PA, we get a good number of the amazing ones, but still more that are average, or less. So what happens […]

Birding Photography Continued

Back in PA after a rainy trip to Vermont, and I’m once more out at Fords Pond just before sunset, working with the birds.  This latest session was the best yet; for the first time, I was able to place myself between the light (sun) and the critters, meaning that they were fully lit from […]

Kent Pond & the Canon 17-40mm L

Kent Pond is one of my old standby locations when I’m in Vermont.  It’s small and somewhat out of the way, just the way I prefer sites to be.  On first look it isn’t impressive – essentially an artificial pond with a dirt parking lot and a small boat launch.  If you’re willing to take […]

Mt. Philo VT

Mt. Philo is the oldest state park in Vermont, created in 1924.  Several signs announce that the construction was done by the CCC, and in several places the technique bears those characteristic traits of their solid handiwork.  Compared to the state parks in New York and Pennsylvania, Mt. Philo is fairly small – mainly the […]

The Birds!

Although I doubt that Hitchcock would be impressed, I am having a ball photographing birds. When I first decided to experiment with this branch of wildlife photography, I had almost no experience with it, and little idea of what to expect. I certainly didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I am, or to […]

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