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Saturday Light – Sara and Tony

Alright, time for another edition of Saturday Light! Although I should warn you now that if you’re looking for some kind of big production with lots of lights, you’ll be disappointed. In keeping with my trend these past few months, this is another really simple session. (I actually debated whether I’d even share it or […]

Saturday Light: Sara, not quite as planned

This one is a long time in coming – longer than I thought when I posted the preview.  The extra post-processing steps I’ve been working with aren’t hard, but they do add several minutes to each photo, and aggregated across a shoot that adds up.  But working with a subject as great as Sara, it’s […]

Preview – Spring shoot with Sara

Just a sample of things to come soon, just as soon as I finish editing.  These are from a second shoot with the very talented Sara last week.  Post is taking longer than normal since I’m using some more advanced Photoshop portrait techniques.  They’re looking good, but the extra time demand, especially as I learn […]

A few more portraits

Mandy’s graduation is this weekend, so we headed out to get a start on the senior portraits Wednesday evening.  The mixed pleasure of working with your girlfriend is that the shoot ends up more relaxed and informal than it is with a client.  On the other hand, she was feeling tired tonight, so it was […]

Rocking the Light

If you read the previous thread about the Strobist workshop, then you’ll recognize some of what follows.  This all came out of the last hour or two of the workshop, when a group of us decided that by staying inside, we were missing out on the best stuff.  In the end, we have to thank […]

Teaser – Full Post Soon!

The 1st Annual NE DPC Strobists GTG is over and the photos are being sorted and edited, but here’s a quick teaser of what’s to come! It was an incredible day, filled with amazing models, great photogs, and a whole lot of fun.  (If you’re not sure what DPC, Strobists, or a GTG is, don’t […]

Family Xmas Portraits, Take 2 – Reality

A couple of these gig-overview posts back, I switched to using the terms “theory” and “reality” for the pre and post gig discussions.  In the past I’d used terms like “pregame,” “review,” and “preview,” but I never felt that any of those were really the right description – they are all open to too many […]

Shooting in a Winter Wonderland

The afternoon sky is gray and there is a definite chill to the air. Winter is fast approaching in NEPA – and not just the sporadic snow showers we had a few weeks back, but full-on winter, with three inches of snow across the frozen ground. So with the season – and it’s incredibly photogenic […]

Make any setting a portrait setting

Portraiture requires a number of specialized tools – and that number increases depending on who you ask, and how serious a portrait photog you are. At the most basic level, a lens well suited to portraiture work and some form of lighting are needed; at the other end of the spectrum are photos with huge […]

Senior Studio Portraits – Review

Part two of my senior portrait shoot is now complete, which wraps up that project. It has been an interesting experience, trying some new techniques and returning to old ones, and I’m certain that the client will be thrilled with her images. The main portion of the shoot was studio-based and went pretty much as […]

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