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BRENT PENNINGTON Autumn foliage and wild grasses glow in the golden light of sunrise at the RC field at Lackawanna State Park on the morning of 04 October 2015.

Simple Clicks – glimpse of autumn

Following my early morning skunking, I was rewarded with a bit of luck; about the time I was driving out of the park, the sky finally started to…

BRENT PENNINGTON The surface of Beltzville Lake is a mirror, reflecting a sky just clearing of fog. Beltzville State Park, the morning of 28 August 2015.

Beltzville State Park: on the big waters

Beltzville State Park lies an hour’s drive south of Scranton, down the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  On the map, it’s a brilliant splash of blue amid…

BRENT PENNINGTON Sunrise over Lackawanna Lake on the morning of 01 August 2015.

Simple Clicks – sunrise

Just a few shots of sunrise from my blue moon morning paddle.  It was a great sunrise, one of those that looks like it’s going to skunk out,…

BRENT PENNINGTON A full, blue moon, an occurrence that happens only once every three years, hangs over Lackawanna State Park at sunrise on the morning of 01 August 2015.

Blue Moon

Around here there was a fair bit of blue moon celebration a couple of weeks back.  A couple of the state parks hosted blue moon paddles that night;…


Simple Clicks – Minsi Lake

Just a last few photos from my morning at Minsi lake during the Water Gap trip – these didn’t make the other post, but that doesn’t mean I…


Ralph Stover State Park

These photos are over a year old.  Why?  I have no idea.  Mandy and I took a trip down to Doylestown, PA, in August 2013, just to get…


Simple Clicks – Fog

This isn’t a scene I would normally have photographed, and certainly not without the fog.  On its own this sweep of shoreline is a little distant, a little…


Trostle Pond & thoughts on color and b&w

        Turns out I shot a lot of photos at Trostle Pond the other morning.  And I was going through them in post, I stumbled…


Simple Clicks – Autumn shoreline

View from the kayak a couple of weekends back, looking north up Lackawanna Lake towards Bullhead Bay.  The shoreline colors were just starting and are farther along now….


Simple Clicks – Mirror Morning

Mirrored-lake mornings like this are somewhat rare in my experience; the water only gets that intense glassy look now and then.  So I’m always pleased when I’m in…

BRENT PENNINGTONFords Pond on the morning of 07 June 2014.

Simple Clicks – Blackbird in flight

  A morning outing at Fords Pond with Paul; it was the first time we’d been out shooting together in several months and the planets weren’t quite aligning…


Simple Clicks – Sunrise

A pair leftover from last September, from an early morning when I was on my way to Lackawanna State Park with the kayak.  Coming over the hill towards…