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Simple Clicks – Blackbird in flight

  A morning outing at Fords Pond with Paul; it was the first time we’d been out shooting together in several months and the planets weren’t quite aligning for anything great.  I was shooting the reeds backlit by the rising sun, the fog on the water, and happened to catch this female Red-winged Blackbird in […]

Simple Clicks – Sunrise

A pair leftover from last September, from an early morning when I was on my way to Lackawanna State Park with the kayak.  Coming over the hill towards Bullhead Bay, the sun was lighting both the clouds and fog and I couldn’t help but throw the flashers on and pull over.  I wandered up and […]

Simple Clicks – foggy morning

A few from last autumn, almost a year old now.  I had the kayak out on Lake Lackawanna during a thick morning fog and couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the drifting tendrils and the way the color began to break through. Related Posts:Simple Clicks – Autumn SunriseSimple Clicks – Paddling in FogMorning PanoramasSimple Clicks […]

Cold but worth it

Sunday morning dawned cold and overcast, but after my success with the eagles the day before, I was already up and in the field.  Photography is like a drug and, when the shoots are successful, you want more.  And more.  Even if it means getting up at 0600 on a Sunday and bundling in four […]

Simple Clicks – the frozen marsh

This is one of those scenes I found that simply screamed to be rendered in black & white. Okay, so “screamed” is an exaggeration – it was more of a subtle statement. The frost on the reeds and grass vs the dark tones of the pines and water, it all came together really well. Despite […]

Morning at Kent Pond

Back to Kent Pond two mornings after my first visit, this time with a mind to shoot the pond itself against the backdrop of the Green Mountains – which were looking a bit more brown this particular morning, being sadly free of snow. But the sunrise was decent and the rising light side-lit Pico Mountain […]

Simple Clicks – Chittenden Reservoir Panorama

Just a last capture from Chittenden Reservoir on Thanksgiving morning.  I stopped back on the reservoir beach on my way to the car and shot a series of images hand-held.  An hour earlier, the only sunlit spot was on the very top of the mountain peak; now the light had filled in the whole western […]

First Frost Panoramas

Back to last Saturday morning for a few of the promised panoramas of NEPA’s first frosty morning.  Starting with the image above, which isn’t the traditional long panorama, but is still a two image composite that let me crop into a square aspect ration, which is a format I’ve been experimenting with a bit lately. […]

Random image round-up

It’s time for one of these random round-ups again, the photos that I’ve wanted to share here on TRP but just didn’t fit in with any other posts. Like the shot of Lackawanna Lake above, one of the nicer morning captures I’ve made of it. Mirror-smooth and very blue, with the eastern shore still in […]

Morning Panoramas

Got out last weekend before the cloudy weather moved in and ambled around Lackawanna State Park for a while. Sometimes I go out with a particular goal in mind, while other times I just enjoy being out with the camera in the morning. This was one of the later. The more panos I capture, the […]

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