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Misc inspiration from the Net

I’ve once again spent (wasted) enough time surfing the internet to have come across some items of actual value amid the rest of the crap that’s out there. This is the stuff I feel is really worth sharing, so here’s hoping you enjoy it as much as I have. (And as usual, the random photo […]

Masquerade Promo Pre-shoot

Tomorrow night I’m shooting some promo shots for my friends at The Vintage. You won’t see this post until Thursday, at which point the shoot will already be over. But I still wanted to put my thoughts down on paper, as it were, regarding the creative process and pre-visualization that I’m doing as I get […]

Saturday Light – Allie & Russ’ Engagement Session

This is going to be an easy edition of Saturday Light, because 90% of the lighting used during this session was ambient. Which is something of a departure from my usual path, although a direction I plan on pursuing with more of my outdoor work portraiture work. And while there’s a lot less I can […]

In The Backyard: Morning & Evening

I’ve really enjoyed using my backyard for shots for the blog. As I said previously, you often don’t have to travel very far to find some interesting photo subjects. The photos in this post were taken on two different days, about 10 days apart. The first pair were morning shots, while the second grouping was […]


I like the way the interplay of lighting and composition can seemingly transform the attributes of a scene, particularly in early morning or in the fading light of dusk. This image comes from Bullhead Bay at Lackawanna State Park, a long-time favorite shooting location for both Brent and me. We have photographed this region of […]

Saturday Light – the Fearsome Foursome

Thursday night, while Scranton’s heatwave was still in full-swing, I met up with a quartet of ladies known increasingly as the Fearsome Foursome. They’re some of the local movers and shakers – including my own girfriend and sometimes-assistant Mandy – and they are the driving force behind NEPA Blog Con, a regional blogger’s conference scheduled […]

A Little Mood Music

I always think that early mornings are best for “mood” shots. Here are a few efforts captured recently at the Abington Regional Park in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I had been up prior to sunset to catch the reappearance of the planet Jupiter in the morning sky at a vantage point further down the road from here, […]

Saturday Light: Sara in the summer

You’ve seen some of these photos before, in Tuesday’s OM-D portraiture review. But I wanted to go back and share a few more images from the session as well as pick up the Saturday Light series. It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these, because it’s been a while since I’ve had a […]

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Review: Studio Work (static)

Although the majority of my personal work takes place outdoors, my professional ventures are split about 70/30, with the smaller portion taking place in an indoor studio setting, be it with models, products, stock, etc. Although I’m really dying to get a model in front of the E-M5, I’m taking this one step at a […]

Light and Shadow

I don’t believe I have a particular “style” of photography that defines my work. There are, however, several elements I enjoy experimenting with. One of those is the use of light and shadow. I’m always fascinated by the interplay of a strong light in an otherwise dark image. I most frequently see these on my […]

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