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I like the way the interplay of lighting and composition can seemingly transform the attributes of a scene, particularly in early morning or in the fading light of dusk. This image comes from Bullhead Bay at Lackawanna State Park, a long-time favorite shooting location for both Brent and me. We have photographed this region of […]

Saturday Light – the Fearsome Foursome

Thursday night, while Scranton’s heatwave was still in full-swing, I met up with a quartet of ladies known increasingly as the Fearsome Foursome. They’re some of the local movers and shakers – including my own girfriend and sometimes-assistant Mandy – and they are the driving force behind NEPA Blog Con, a regional blogger’s conference scheduled […]

A Little Mood Music

I always think that early mornings are best for “mood” shots. Here are a few efforts captured recently at the Abington Regional Park in Northeastern Pennsylvania. I had been up prior to sunset to catch the reappearance of the planet Jupiter in the morning sky at a vantage point further down the road from here, […]

Saturday Light: Sara in the summer

You’ve seen some of these photos before, in Tuesday’s OM-D portraiture review. But I wanted to go back and share a few more images from the session as well as pick up the Saturday Light series. It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these, because it’s been a while since I’ve had a […]

Olympus OM-D E-M5 Review: Studio Work (static)

Although the majority of my personal work takes place outdoors, my professional ventures are split about 70/30, with the smaller portion taking place in an indoor studio setting, be it with models, products, stock, etc. Although I’m really dying to get a model in front of the E-M5, I’m taking this one step at a […]

Light and Shadow

I don’t believe I have a particular “style” of photography that defines my work. There are, however, several elements I enjoy experimenting with. One of those is the use of light and shadow. I’m always fascinated by the interplay of a strong light in an otherwise dark image. I most frequently see these on my […]

Simple Clicks: Food Photos

Been playing with some food photography setups lately, in a very informal, experimental way. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to work with and I greatly admire the folks who do it professionally. There’s a real talent to making something look so appetizing that people can’t resist it, and I think that although it would […]

Saturday Light: Kelly’s Headshots

Tuesday’s missed post was brought to you by a nasty viral cold. After several days on the couch, I’m finally back on my feet. But if this post doesn’t make sense, you can blame it on the cold meds. I almost feel like this shouldn’t be a “Saturday Light” post, since there aren’t any strobes […]

Orchids in the Studio

Today I’m going to join the ranks of millions on Flickr and bore to you tears with flower shots. Actually, I really hope that I don’t bore you. But I am still going to share them with you. Orchids are amazingly beautiful and I’ve always wanted one, but had heard that they are difficult to […]

Saturday Light: In the Woods

Stepping back to Vermont during the holidays (the same day that I shot the sunrise photos in the freezing cold) the afternoon temperature reached a balmy 23* and I headed to the woods with my brother, Nick.  The goal: to make some portraits that were all about him. Nick is like most people when it […]

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