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A perfect summer day

This is what a perfect summer day looks like.  Just in case anyone is wondering and hasn’t seen one for themselves.  This was a couple of weeks back, on a morning outing to Tobyhanna State Park with the kayak, on one of those mornings where all the variables come together flawlessly.  Sunshine, a sky filled […]

Simple Clicks – Eales Preserve in July

And since we’re talking about the Eales Preserve today, I thought I’d wrap up with a few simple clicks from my visits there over the past month.  The sunrise above, where I was struck by the warm tones lying close to the horizon.  And the foggy view (after the break) across the pine barrens. Related […]

Dog Days of Summer

It’s 93* outside, which means that I start sweating as soon as I look out the window. The air outside is sticky and saturated 24-hours a day; even the nights don’t cool down and the breeze, if you can find it, is just hot, sticky air in motion. These are the dog days of summer. […]

Simple Clicks – Vermont in black & white

Another little foray into the world of black & white.  Every now and then the mood strikes me.  Or the light looks right, or I feel nostalgic for my old A-1 and some HP5+.  Whatever the reason it’s good to work in a different medium sometimes and amid my scattered shooting, three shots come out […]

Vermont landscapes

Just about to wrap up the last photos from my Vermont trip, ending with a few landscapes.  This series came from my last morning outing, on a day when I wasn’t sure what I wanted to shoot.  All I knew for certain is that I was bored going to the same locations and wanted something […]

Simple Clicks – Quechee Gorge

Quechee Gorge – it’s kind of a Vermont tourist trap, in a very low key, natural way.  The name sums it up – it’s a gorge, a carved slot between the mountains with a river flowing through it.  And people come to see it, stare down from the bridge, hike down to the bottom, sometimes […]

Beaver Pond

I was able to get a few new sites in during my time in Vermont; this was the first of them, Beaver Pond, near Pico Mountain.  As you can see, it’s not much of a pond – really just a wet meadow, cut by a pair of creeks.  That’s how it shows up in the […]

And we’re back

Sorry for the unannounced hiatus, but The Roving Photographer is back online and on-schedule after a short break.  Actually, a short vacation, a quick trip north to Vermont where I battled a mix of rain, cooler than usual temperature, and pure laziness.  But amid all that I did manage to get out a couple of […]

Simple Clicks – pink sunset

Admission time – I did some color adjustment to these photos. The sunset itself did have a soft pink quality to it, which didn’t quite come through in the original digital files. So while in ACR I went into the toning tab and added some pink to the highlights. I even pushed it farther than […]

Simple Clicks – on the river

Monday evening, 6 May, became my first river outing in the new kayak.  I put in at Falls, PA, and paddled three miles up the Susquehanna River to a point where a large island divided the river.  The division caused the current to intensify to the point where I just could’t paddle through it; besides […]

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