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BRENT PENNINGTON View to the northeast from atop Camelback Mountain in Big Pocono State Park on the evening of 12 August 2013.

Simple Clicks – a few more from Big Pocono

Just a few final shots from my first visit to Big Pocono State Park that didn’t make the last post, mainly because two of them are in black…

BRENT PENNINGTON View to the southwest from atop Camelback Mountain in Big Pocono State Park on the evening of 12 August 2013.

Big Pocono

With summer waning and my free time with it, I’ve been making more of an effort these past weeks to get out and do things.  Back in April…

[This photo has nothing to do with this post.  It's just nicer to look at than another bag photo.]

Simple Clicks – Misc Summer

  These have been sitting around in my “to share” folder for a while now and I’m not sure why.  I guess they’re left-overs that didn’t really go…

BRENT PENNINGTON A cool sunrise tints the sky in pastel tones over a foggy Lackawanna Lake on the morning of 10 August 2013.

Simple Clicks – Panorama on the lake

One last shot from my Saturday morning outing, processing with a Velvia film emulation like the others from that morning but again, rather toned-down from the defaults.  It’s…

BRENT PENNINGTON Sunrise ignites the sky over the north end of Lackawanna State Park on the morning of 10 August 2013.

A partial skunking

This was the view I was treated to Saturday morning, for about ten minutes.  Of which eight were spent driving down the highway on my way to the…

BRENT PENNINGTON A lone Great Blue Heron hunts amid the fog on Lackawanna Lake at sunrise on 05 August 2013.

Sunrise Fog

In my previous post I shared a series of very colorful sunrise images and called it,very unimaginatively, Sunrise Color.  Well this is the sister post, with the outtakes from…

BRENT PENNINGTON A late summer sunrise colors the sky over a foggy Lackawanna Lake on the morning of 05 August 2013.

Sunrise Color

So here’s this past Monday morning up at Bullhead Bay, shivering in shorts and a light jacket that weren’t the smartest choice while fog curled around my ankles….

BRENT PENNINGTON Panoramic view of Pole Bridge Run at Tobyhanna State Park on the morning of 26 July 2013.

A perfect summer day

This is what a perfect summer day looks like.  Just in case anyone is wondering and hasn’t seen one for themselves.  This was a couple of weeks back,…

BRENT PENNINGTON A piece of glass forms an odd yet lovely contrast against the mossy cover in the pine barrens of the Eales Preserve on the morning of 30 June 2013.

Simple Clicks – Eales Preserve in July

And since we’re talking about the Eales Preserve today, I thought I’d wrap up with a few simple clicks from my visits there over the past month.  The…

BRENT PENNINGTON Kayaking in Kennedy Creek inlet during 93* heat on the evening of 17 July 2013.

Dog Days of Summer

It’s 93* outside, which means that I start sweating as soon as I look out the window. The air outside is sticky and saturated 24-hours a day; even…

BRENT PENNINGTON Gorham covered bridge in Proctor, VT, shrouded in fog on the morning of 17 June 2013.

Simple Clicks – Vermont in black & white

Another little foray into the world of black & white.  Every now and then the mood strikes me.  Or the light looks right, or I feel nostalgic for…

BRENT PENNINGTON View towards Proctor/Pittsford, VT, looking westward at sunrise on the morning of 17 June 2013.

Vermont landscapes

Just about to wrap up the last photos from my Vermont trip, ending with a few landscapes.  This series came from my last morning outing, on a day…