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BRENT PENNINGTON The New Vintage Ensemble production of "Hamlet," performed at the Scranton Cultural Center in downtown Scranton, PA, on the evening of 07 January 2016.

Some thoughts on photographing theater

For the past several years, I’ve had the honor of working with the New Vintage Theater ensemble, beginning with “Pride & Prejudice” and continuing through several smaller shows…


Farewell to the feeder

Today’s post is difficult for me, as it not only marks the failed ending of something I’d been greatly looking forward to, but it also brings into play…

BRENT PENNINGTON Sunrise over the now drained Beaver Pond near Pico Mtn, VT, on the morning of 16 June 2013.

Thoughts on our access to the outdoors, and the threats facing it

We take access to the outdoors, and especially to wild areas, for granted.  It’s always been available to us throughout out lifetimes, in the form of state and…


Trostle Pond & thoughts on color and b&w

        Turns out I shot a lot of photos at Trostle Pond the other morning.  And I was going through them in post, I stumbled…


Saturday Light – Lady of the Lake

So it’s a rainy, gloomy Saturday morning, a balmy 48* outside, what do you do to pass the time? Well, if you’re me, you convince your friends to…

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Color or b&w?

Sometimes I find that the choice between color and black and white is straight-forward, while other times it’s a lot harder for me to figure out which I…


A few links to share

If you have any interest in macro photography, it’s worth checking out this thread from FredMiranda: Macro setups. I wanted to see how other photographers were setting up…

Bridge over Kennedy Creek at Lackawanna State Park on the afternoon of 21 October 2012.

Misc inspiration from the Net

I’ve once again spent (wasted) enough time surfing the internet to have come across some items of actual value amid the rest of the crap that’s out there….

Scrub oak at the Eales Preserve on Moosic Mountain, 01 September 2012.

Eales Preserve up close

Owning a macro lens pretty much means that you’ll spend time in the field crawling around on your hands and knees and shooting with your butt up in…

Fog hugs the recently mown field at the RC airflield at sunrise, Lackawanna State Park, 31 August 2012.

Autumn in the air

Autumn has arrived. It’s subtle, so much that you could miss the first signs, the calendar barely into September.  But I woke up Friday morning and knew it….

Interesting Links

It’s one of those weeks where I’ve sat down at the computer pretty much every day, ready to write, but nothing good has come.  It happens.  Writer’s block,…

Pine grove on Lackawanna State Park's east shore, near sunset on 25 July 2012.

In the woods

Shooting in the woods is difficult.  I was reading an article a couple of weeks back, about a photographer who specializes in less-common landscapes, and he commented on…