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Masquerade Promo Pre-shoot

Tomorrow night I’m shooting some promo shots for my friends at The Vintage. You won’t see this post until Thursday, at which point the shoot will already be over. But I still wanted to put my thoughts down on paper, as it were, regarding the creative process and pre-visualization that I’m doing as I get […]

In the woods

Shooting in the woods is difficult.  I was reading an article a couple of weeks back, about a photographer who specializes in less-common landscapes, and he commented on forest photography a little, which got me thinking.  My experience with forest photography is really summed up like this: I either end up with an image that’s […]

Messin’ around in Photoshop

It’s been hot and I haven’t been out shooting images the way I should be.  Which means I’ve been bored, so to compensate I’ve been messing around in Photoshop more than I usually would.  My relationship with Photoshop is actually pretty minimal, as I do most of my editing in ACR and usually stick to […]

In The Backyard: Feeder Birds

I wanted to start a new category for my photos, calling it In The Backyard. I’ve been doing a significant amount of landscaping work recently, and as a result, I think the backyard has become more bird-friendly. On top of that, I have been seeing more species of birds and have become generally attuned to […]

Working with models: the booking process, Part 2

We’re back!  In Part 1, we worked through the booking process right up to having a plan.  You could almost have called that the “pre-booking process,” since we were just up to the point of actually finding  the model herself (or himself).  So here goes: Having a plan actually plays very well into the next […]

Working with models: the booking process, Part 1

As I was putting the finishing touches on my plans for a portrait shoot this past weekend, I thought it might be helpful to some of you if I broke down the process and walked through my own methodology. Booking a model doesn’t have to be complicated; in some cases it’s as easy as asking […]

Light and Shadow

I don’t believe I have a particular “style” of photography that defines my work. There are, however, several elements I enjoy experimenting with. One of those is the use of light and shadow. I’m always fascinated by the interplay of a strong light in an otherwise dark image. I most frequently see these on my […]

Explorations in Macro, Pt. 1

DST came into effect on Sunday, which is a breath of spring. The light now lasts into the evening hours, the first buds are appearing on the trees, and there are crocuses blossoming in the neighborhood. It’s time to get back into the field and get moving again, so I dragged myself outside last night. […]

Tethered Shooting

Like so many of my photographic explorations, my foray into tethered shooting probably lacks scientific methodology or testing. I pretty much jumped into it just because an opportunity arose and, since it was working, stuck with it long enough to figure out some pros and cons. I referenced this in a post a little while […]

Orchids in the Studio

Today I’m going to join the ranks of millions on Flickr and bore to you tears with flower shots. Actually, I really hope that I don’t bore you. But I am still going to share them with you. Orchids are amazingly beautiful and I’ve always wanted one, but had heard that they are difficult to […]

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