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Another season with John the Heron

My season is once again well underway, that mix of kayaking and photography that is uniquely my own, and despite a late start this year I’m making up…

BRENT PENNINGTON Evening clouds and early sunset light dance over Frances Slocum State Park on the evening of 22 August 2015.

Simple Clicks – last light at Frances Slocum

I had big plans a couple of weeks back to spend an evening kayaking on Lake Jean, down at Rickets Glen State Park.  It was going to be…

BRENT PENNINGTON A Great Egret, a temporary visitor to Lackawanna State Park, flies overhead on the morning of 01 August 2015.

Simple Clicks – birding mix

The small bird season in winding down, and I realize that I did less work with them photographically than I would have liked.  But the large birds are…

BRENT PENNINGTON A Great Blue Heron perches in a tree above Fords Pond on the morning of 12 July 2015.

Simple Clicks – portraits of John

It’s been a good summer for John the Heron – I’ve seen him, and his relatives, all over the place.  And especially up at Fords Pond, where on…

BRENT PENNINGTON A Great Blue Heron hunts in the reeds at Lackawanna State Park on the evening of 23 May 2015.

GMPE: Part 4 – Lackawanna Lake

Saturday evening I drove up to Lackawanna State Park with the little red Impulse, really more interested in paddling for the sake of paddling, but with the camera…

BRENT PENNINGTON A Great Blue Heron, the first of the season, perches on a fallen tree in Lackawanna Lake at Bullhead Bay on the evening of 04 May 2014.

Simple Clicks – John the Heron in 2015

John the Heron returns to NEPA this spring!  After a couple of hours on the lake, wondering when they’d be back, I found this one standing on the…


Simple Clicks – John the Heron

Just a quick share of John the Heron from back in August.  I think this was the night I took the kayak out and wasn’t really planning on…



Neckin’ – no, not the kind we so enjoyed as teenagers. This little guy is a Green Heron, and a few posts back I talked about how they…


Simple Clicks – Herons

On the same morning as my Colors of Fog post, but about an hour or so later, I was farther along the shoreline at Fords Pond when I…


Simple Clicks – on the hunt

Okay, so maybe it’s a bit of a butt shot, but it was too visually interesting for me to toss it.  And in my defense, you can see…


Morning of the Heron

  The end of June has come and gone and I’ve finally finished editing a set from then, from what I’m calling “The Morning of the Heron.”  For…

BRENT PENNINGTON A Great Blue Heron fishes in Lackawanna Lake on the morning of 26 May 2013.

Hunting with the Great Blue Heron…again

A few weeks back I posted some photos of a Great Blue Heron that I was able to capture as he hunted in the shallows of Lackawanna Lake….