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Simple Clicks – sunrise in Emmet Park

Sunrise in Emmet Park, near the statute of ol’ Doc Jones.  That’s the river in the background, we’re on the bluff 40 feet above it and the sun…

BRENT PENNINGTON The surface of Beltzville Lake is a mirror, reflecting a sky just clearing of fog. Beltzville State Park, the morning of 28 August 2015.

Beltzville State Park: on the big waters

Beltzville State Park lies an hour’s drive south of Scranton, down the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  On the map, it’s a brilliant splash of blue amid…

BRENT PENNINGTON Sunrise amid the fog on a 34* morning on Lackawanna Lake, 24 May 2015.

GMPE: Part 5 – Lackawanna Lake

The final morning of my Great May Photo Expedition dawned sunny, but cold.  As in, really-goddamn-34-degrees-in-late-May cold.  I dragged myself out to Lackawanna Lake and launched from Bullhead…

A certified piece of a shipwreck lays part burried in the dunes on the beach at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge on the morning of 09 May 2015.

Simple Clicks – Assateague Dunes

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Assateague Island – another foggy morning

I ventured out again on Saturday morning and was once more socked in by a dense sea fog, which covered both islands and the beach, where I had…

Sunrise over the marsh at the north end of Fords Pond on the morning of 18 April 2015.

First Fords

Two weeks back now, on a cool morning that also marked the opening of fishing season here in NEPA, I made my first visit to Fords Pond for…


Simple Clicks – boats in fog

Seem to have something of a nautical theme going here.  I think it’s the end of the warm seasons that’s making me yearn for boats and water already….


Simple Clicks – Fog

This isn’t a scene I would normally have photographed, and certainly not without the fog.  On its own this sweep of shoreline is a little distant, a little…


Trostle Pond & thoughts on color and b&w

        Turns out I shot a lot of photos at Trostle Pond the other morning.  And I was going through them in post, I stumbled…

Dawn over Bullhead Bay on the morning on 05 October 2014.

Simple Clicks – dock at Bullhead Bay

By now the dock has probably been pulled out of the water, too many cold nights and cool days upon us now, and the threat of ice is…


A Cold Morning at Trostle

I crawled out of bed last weekend before sunrise and drove up darkened roads to Trostle Pond, clutching my mug of coffee and uttering silent thanks that during…


Return to Salt Springs

Three weekends back, I stayed over at my grandparent’s home in Binghamton, New York, as my family came together in the old farm house for a sort of…