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September Update

Not much personal photography the past few weeks, due to a mix of work and play.  Well, work and work is more like it…business work and at-home work.  In the wake of August’s Ikea run, Mandy and I decided to refinish some of our existing furniture, which as resulted in minor power tool purchases and […]

Updating my radio slaves

The time has finally come to set aside my now-vintage Cactus 16-channel radio slaves in favor of the newer Yongnuo RF-602 series.  If you’ve been with the blog for a while now, you’ve probably heard me tout the old 16-channel system time and time again.  They were cheap, easily modified, and highly dependable – I’ve […]

Saturday Light – Para-Dice

It’s time for another installment of Saturday Light – two Saturday’s ago, to be precise, when I shot local hip-hop artist Para-Dice. This was a new sort of gig for me, being the first time that I’ve worked with anyone from the music industry, but all in all it went really well. We had the […]

DIY Multi-Speedlite Mounting Bracket 2

Right now my last blog post, where I shared my Rubbermaid-based DIY flash bracket, is getting all the attention – mostly because featured it yesterday (which is way cool, by the way!).  And although I was somewhat amazed that the thing actually worked, I don’t have a lot of faith in it’s ability to […]

DIY Multi-Speedlite Mounting Bracket

Today, following a trip to the hardware store/Lowes, I’ve got my own DIY multi-flash Speedite Mount.  DIY dual mounts are pretty common these days, and there are a couple of tri-mount units commercially available.  Sadly, a DIY 4x mount is still a pipe dream; mine can only handle 3x Speedlites. But what the hell, I […]

Saturday model shoot – Theory

I’ve got a friend lined up to model for me Saturday evening, once I return from a photo-related meeting upstate (more on that later, hopefully!).  I’m hoping to catch the last hour or so of evening light and then work into twilight.  I’ve spent the last couple of evenings studying several photog’s Flickr streams, and […]

DIY Flash Bracket

Last time I posted, it was regarding my designs for a DIY version of a flash bracket I’d found online.  Well, a few hours between Lowes and Home Depot, about $30 out of pocket, and here it is: It’s simple, it’s cheap, and it does the job very well.  And best of all, it requires […]

Speedlite Flash Bracket

Came across the CheetahStand site the other day while researching some options for Speedlite compatible softboxes.  Their gear looks impressive – I’m especially tempted by their octobox, which is something I’ve long lusted after.  But what caught my attention right away was this: the Cheetah Speed Pro Bracket. Pretty ingenious – by mounting the Speedlite […]

Canon Wireless Flash System

With the introduction of the EOS 7D, Canon finally took the initiative to play catch-up to Nikon in an area where they had been woefully lacking: wireless flash control.  For years Canon has been not only in the backseat, but in the far back of the bus, when compared to Nikon’s Creative Lighting System. The […]

How to make a DIY Flash Extender

A flash extender, in case you’re wondering, is a device designed to extend the range of a flash (duh), most commonly a hotshoe-mounted Speedlite style flash.  They are of particular use to bird and wildlife photographers, although they can be used by any photographer who works with telephoto lenses and needs some extra punch from […]

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