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Eagling 2015

0600 – It’s still dark when the alarm goes off.  If I can get my feet on the floor I’m fine, but that first step is the hardest, especially when I know that it’s well below freezing outside.  I dress in layers, gather gear, and make coffee, and I’m on the road before 0700, headed […]

Late summer variety, part 2

I started writing Thursday’s Late Summer Variety, part 1 and realized that I had more photos to share than I thought. More than could fit into a single post, at least, with any expectation that my readers would make it to the end. So I decided to break it into two parts, concluding with a […]

Eagles in Spring

It’s an irony not lost on me that, after my eagling expeditions this past winter, where I drive over an hour to the New York boarder and then another 20 or so miles in to the reservoir and Plank Road, some of my best eagle photos of 2013 have come from the pond 20 minutes […]

And now for something completely different…

  This was about the damndest thing I’ve ever seen, from my kayak outing on Friday afternoon.  It’s hard to see in the version above; click the image to see a larger view.  But what we’ve got is an Osprey at lower left, with a fish in his talons.  He’s being pursued by an adult […]

Notes for my next eagling trip

The goal, naturally, is to create more photos like the one above. And far, far fewer like the one that’ll appear after the break. My last eagling trip was one of my best yet; the activity I saw ties for first place. Yet I managed to really screw up the shooting and lost out on […]

Eagling: take 2

I spent Saturday afternoon out at Mongaup Falls and on the Plank for what was easily a tie for the best eagling experience I’ve yet had. All I can say is wow! Couldn’t have asked for a better day. In the wake of Winter Storm Nemo (which was kind of a joke here in PA), […]

Simple Clicks – Flyby

This is a throw-away shot, one that I usually wouldn’t share here.  But it’s also the only in-flight photo I captured the other day.  It isn’t very good – the eagle is blurry and soft.  But it is still a little thrilling for me to have captured it at all, and up here for everyone […]

Eagles in 2013

It’s been over a year since I’ve had any good photos to share from an eagling expedition; in all of 2012, winter conditions never got cold enough to drive the eagles south to the Delaware River and I never drove out to try and find them.  This winter started off looking the same.  But fortunately, […]

Eagle Season Begins

Remember this guy? Hes my mascot for days when I don’t actually see any eagles, but feel that I should have. And this past Saturday was one of those instances, because the eagles are back up at Merli-Sarnoski Park. Paul has been up there a couple of times already and has captured some nice photos […]

Simple Clicks – Bald Eagle (and the power of post-processing)

Just a simple click here, and it’s more about the performance of the Olympus E-M5 than about the Eagle itself.  I shot this several weeks back and sort of forgot about it.  It’s not a good shot – I was working around the side of the pond to get as near as possible to the […]

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