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Playing Hookey in NYC

Spending the day in New York City, baby – the city that wrecks my nerves before I even get there.  But this is going to be a good day, ‘cause I’m at Scott Kelby’s Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it Tour at the Javits Center in Manhattan.  My friend and fellow shooter Photodude Mike is […]

Goals for 2011

Okay, so goals probably should have been posted in January along with the rest of the resolution fads, but in the dead of winter it’s hard to be creative, much less optimistic and forward-thinking.  So now that the seasons are really changing, I’ve had time to compile a list of things that I want to […]

Exciting Lens Announcements

Finally, some good news on the lens front!  During the past two days both Canon and Sigma have released info on new lenses that are of great interest to anyone who shoots wildlife (or sports). The most exciting of the two is Canon’s new 200-400L f/4 IS, which is apparently in the development stage.  This […]

The Roving Photographer

Welcome to The Roving Photographer! (If you’re confused, don’t worry: keep calm and carry on.) Just a few days ago, this was my blog at  And it still is, at least in the ways that count. A few weeks back you may recall (if you’re one of my faithful readers) that I was talking […]

Looking ahead to the new year

Perhaps I’m a bit behind the curve when it comes to “looking ahead” posts, but I’ve been taking some time to carefully consider where I am with my photography, and more importantly, where I want to go.  These sort of questions aren’t always easy to answer – it’s one thing to say “I want to […]

Best of 2010

Now that 2010 is over, it’s time for that annual looking-back, the year-in-review, just to remember the good moments and see how far we’ve come.  For me, 2010 was a good year for photography – I organized and shot at my first Strobist workshop; got together with a number of folks and made some great […]

Wildlife Photography – Getting Back to Basics

My first exposure to wildlife photography came while I was still in college, in the form of a two-part workshop offered through the university’s Outdoor Pursuits office, and conducted by a fine gentleman by the name of Victor Lameroux, who was both a local photographer and a high school science teacher. The session was called […]

The Art of Portraiture

When I started in photography years ago, I gravitated towards landscape/nature work. This wasn’t surprising, given my affection for nature – growing up in Vermont, I spent much of my childhood outdoors, first in the woods behind my house and later ranging father into the state forests and parks. But there was another element at […]

Published – Pennsylvania Pursuits

A couple of weeks back I got my copy of the summer 2010 edition of Pennsylvania Pursuits magazine, in which my photos illustrate one of the main stories (page 48).  It’s pretty exciting any time you see your work in print, but especially so to see that you’ve gotten a center-spread!  And as this was, […]

Gregory Heisler videos by Profoto

Just saw these in my Strobist feed this morning, and they totally rock!  I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I’d never heard of Gregory Heisler before that moment.  I mean, the man shot Bruce Springsteen’s Time magazine cover a few years back!  He’s even one of Canon’s Explorer’s of Light (a club that I definitely […]

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