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Simple Clicks – sunset at Fords

Sunset at Fords Pond always involves the tree.  In part, because the tree is generally to the west, or westerly, and so becomes a natural focal point.  But…

Simple Clicks – skunky morning

I ventured out on a cold autumn morning a couple of weekends back.  It wasn’t a planned outing – I woke up about 5am and looked out the…

BRENT PENNINGTON Evening clouds and early sunset light dance over Frances Slocum State Park on the evening of 22 August 2015.

Simple Clicks – last light at Frances Slocum

I had big plans a couple of weeks back to spend an evening kayaking on Lake Jean, down at Rickets Glen State Park.  It was going to be…

BRENT PENNINGTON A summer evening on Bear Creek, as it forms the western arm of the impoundment behind Francis Walter Dam. 07 August 2015

Simple Clicks – Frances Walter Dam

Just a few shots from my trip across the Frances Walter Dam impoundment.  This was only, I think, my third visit here.  It’s a shoreline unlike any other…

BRENT PENNINGTON White clouds compete with lily pads as they reflect on the surface of Gouldsboro Lake on a stunning summer afternoon, 23 July 2015.

Afternoon paddling adventure

It seems that at least once each summer, usually late July or August, I throw common sense to the wind, grab the cameras, and head out for a…

BRENT PENNINGTON Sunrise over Lackawanna Lake on the morning of 01 August 2015.

Simple Clicks – sunrise

Just a few shots of sunrise from my blue moon morning paddle.  It was a great sunrise, one of those that looks like it’s going to skunk out,…

BRENT PENNINGTON Colorful clouds hang over Prompton Lake as a late-summer storm passes on the evening of 13 September 2013.

Bad weather, baby

I’m stealing lines from songs again – this time Sonny Landreth’s “Bad Weather” – but it’s fitting for this set of photos, which was indeed shot during what…

BRENT PENNINGTON View towards Proctor/Pittsford, VT, looking westward at sunrise on the morning of 17 June 2013.

Vermont landscapes

Just about to wrap up the last photos from my Vermont trip, ending with a few landscapes.  This series came from my last morning outing, on a day…

Fords Pond Sunrise

Last weekend, I’m in day three of an annual, seasonal allergy attack and pretty much hiding inside with the windows sealed and the HEPA filters running at full-tilt….

Promised Land Lake becomes a small channel through marshland on the southern side of Conservation Island at Promised Land State Park on the evening of 06 August 2012.

Random image round-up

It’s time for one of these random round-ups again, the photos that I’ve wanted to share here on TRP but just didn’t fit in with any other posts….

Storm clouds darken the sky and make rays of the sunlight just before the thunder starts at Hillside Farms in Dallas, PA, on the afternoon of 04 August 2012.

Some (minor) storm chasing

Okay, so storm chasing is a bit of an exaggeration, since the storm ran me down before I even knew it was there.  It was a case of…

Panoramic view of a late eveing sunset over Scranton, PA, on 22 June 2012.

Simple Clicks – Sunset Panorama

Shots like this usually come about the same way: I’m sitting at my desk and happen to look out into the space over the driveway, between my apartment…