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Canon 300L f/4 IS – Review

It’s been a while since I’ve done any gear reviews, but this is one that I’ve been thinking about for several months now and finally have the time to sit down and share. A while back I was looking for a better wildlife lens – and to qualify “better,” I mean a lens that would […]

Canon's New News

Finally feeling better after a case of the stomach flu and as a “get well” present, Canon has announced it’s newest batch of gear. Have you seen the list?  New super-telephotos, new teleconverters, two new lenses, and the 60D. I’m underwhelmed.  Gee, thanks Canon… Related Posts:Exciting Lens AnnouncementsMore time on the farmCanon’s New LensesReview – […]

Canon 17-35mm L – Review

If camera gear is truly addictive, then I’m an addict.  I find that it’s hard to be satisfied with a lens – it seems that there’s always a better, faster model, with just one more feature.  So when I do finally find one that I’m completely happy with, it’s exciting. A while back, you may […]

Where are the new lenses?

Canon has been surprisingly slow in releasing new lenses this year.  Sure, there’s some consumer level lenses, and we got the 70-200L IS Mk II – but that’s it.  So what many of us want to know is, where are the rest of them?  Surely there must be more L-series glass in the works? Even […]

Canon 400D

I’m probably writing too many gear-related posts lately.  And by lately, I look back and see that what I really mean is, since the start of winter.  Winter is a rough season for me, as I suspect it is for any photog who depends on access to the outdoors to make photos.  Even when shooting […]

Canon EF 70-210mm f/4 – Review

The lens bug is still with me, and the latest acquisition is another golden oldie, the Canon 70-210mm f/4 telephoto.  This was one of the first EF fast telephotos, originally introduced in 1987.  My copy is from 1987, purchased in like-new condition from It was my first time buying from KEH and I’m pleased […]

Canon Wireless Flash System

With the introduction of the EOS 7D, Canon finally took the initiative to play catch-up to Nikon in an area where they had been woefully lacking: wireless flash control.  For years Canon has been not only in the backseat, but in the far back of the bus, when compared to Nikon’s Creative Lighting System. The […]

Unhealthy Addictions

The Canon USA page should probably come with a warning label, like the ones they put on beer and cigarettes.  Something along the lines of, “Caution – viewing this page may result in feelings of envy, desire, longing, and jealousy.  In some instances, serious side effects have been known to occur, including a noticeable decrease […]

How to practice lighting without models

I’m sure I’m not the only photog out there who gets the urge to setup the strobes and play with light now and then.  Maybe you saw a photo in a magazine or online that you want to try and imitate, or you read about a new technique, or you’re just bored and want to […]

Canon Powershot SX120 – Review

Several changes in my system have forced me to reevaluate my current gear load, and some pieces are being replaced. Foremost is my Canon G10, which has been a wonderful little camera. But in reality, it is a point & shoot, and as P&S cameras go, it’s overpowered & overpriced for how I use it. […]

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