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Simple Clicks – iris in color vs black & white

A short carry-over from my previous post on photographing iris blossoms with my old Takumar manual lens; when I started working through them in post, I made copies…


Simple Clicks – Live Oaks

“Live oaks point the way with twisted trunks under mossy drapes So pull back the curtain, the Devil be damned Into the fog, we will make our stand”…

BRENT PENNINGTON Promotional photos for The New Vintage Ensemble's 2016 production of Shakespear's "Hamlet," featuring Conor O'Brien as Hamlet. Photographed at the Little Brick Theater in Scranton, PA, on the afternoon of 07 November 2015.

Saturday Light – “Hamlet” promotional session

I joined members of The New Vintage Ensemble a couple of weekends back for a promotional shoot – this is the same group who did the fantastic production…

BRENT PENNINGTON Pink lily blossoms float atop lily pads in a quiet section of Beltzville Lake at Beltzville State Park on the morning of 28 August 2015.

Simple Clicks – water lilies

What is it about water lilies that make them so lovely?  I think it might have something to do with how inaccessible they are, softly faceted gem blossoms…

BRENT PENNINGTON Stumps sit high and dry on the muddy riverbank along Bear Creek, standing on their exposed roots. 07 August 2015

Simple Clicks – walking stumps

Saw these on my way back down Bear Creek towards the launch and had to swing back and grab a shot.  Black & white seemed the right way…

BRENT PENNINGTON A full, blue moon, an occurrence that happens only once every three years, hangs over Lackawanna State Park at sunrise on the morning of 01 August 2015.

Simple Clicks – blue moon in b&w

While processing the blue moon shots from my morning visit to Lackawanna, I started thinking about how they’d look in black & white.  The beauty of digital is…

BRENT PENNINGTON Sunset on the beach at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge on the evening of 09 May 2015.

Simple Clicks – beach views in color and b&w

Just a few beach views, in both color and black & white. Related Posts:Simple Clicks – beach timeSimple Clicks – Assateague DunesSimple Clicks – sunrise panoramaSimple Clicks –…


Simple Clicks – color or b&w?

Color or black & white?  Both work for me, but for different reasons.  This is an old, drowned stump back in the marsh at Fords Pond, and the…


Simple Clicks – South Branch of Tunkhannock Creek in b&w

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Winter in B&W

And we’re back!  Although to start off this weekend, I’m stepping back to late February with some snow-filled photos, despite the fact that the snow is now (thankfully)…


Simple Clicks – wind and snow

Another favorite image from my visit to Promised Land State Park last week, and the only one I processed in color.  There was something about this shot, the…


Simple Clicks – passing memory

One of my favorite photos from my visit to Promised Land State Park, I captured this outside of the wildlife blind at the beginning of my hike.  I…