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Killdeer Island, Part 1

Memorial Day dawned cold here in Northeastern PA. Cold, as in, fleece jacket and gloves cold, which nearly deterred me from even heading out. I sat at the top of my stairs trying to decide if I should go; it was cold, it was Memorial Day so it’d likely be crowded, the park I wanted […]

Simple Clicks – Cedar Waxwings

Waxwings in the spring!  I don’t usually see these guys until later in the year so it was a pleasant surprise to find them this spring in the trees along Lackawanna Lake.  Cedar Waxwings are always such communal birds – I never see them alone but always at least in pairs, if not much larger […]

Simple Clicks – Eastern Kingbird

The Eastern Kingbird is one of my marsh regulars, although I haven’t seen nearly as many of them here in PA as I have in my travels to West Rutland Marsh in Vermont. It probably has more to do with habitat and my access to it than anything else, since the Kingbird’s range easily covers […]

Hunting with the Great Blue Heron

The Great Blue Heron pictured here may be the same one I encountered earlier in the afternoon, standing on a mudbar in the lake. At that point he was just “hanging out,” at least as much as birds do, by which I mean he wasn’t actively hunting. Even in the kayak, he wasn’t too keen […]

Green Herons

The little Green Heron has been the equivalent of my photographic “spirit animal” for several years now, ever since I captured the image above. It my my first morning out with my Canon 300L, and a foggy morning at that. I didn’t even have the 1.4x teleconverter yet, but I still managed to get in […]

A mix of shore-dwellers

Spring’s progression doesn’t only bring green back to the landscape in an amazing range of hues, but also brings waves of new avian species to the area. I’ve managed to capture a number of migrants already this year, some of them common and others much less so. And now some of the regulars are returning, […]

Simple Clicks – Ruby-crowned Kinglet

This little guy is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet, although the ruby-colored crown on the top of his head that gives him his name isn’t showing in these images.  He’s one of those lucky grabs that happened unexpectedly, while I was up at Fords Pond.  I wasn’t really there with any expectation of photographing wildlife, but I […]

Simple Clicks – Loon at Lackawanna

I started this post writing about how I’d finally seen my first Common Loon up at Lackawanna State Park.  It would have been only the second loon I’ve ever seen and the first locally.  But I kept looking back at the photo thinking that it wasn’t right and, to satisfy my nagging doubts, I did […]

A tale of two sandpipers

Sandpipers are fairly uncommon in Pennsylvania during any time of the year. Your might assume that these wading shorebirds are at home on oceanic beaches, which is a habitat that the Commonwealth lacks. Turns out that’s not quite the case, and some species actually prefer marsh, field, and even wooded environments. I’ve encountered more sandpipers […]

Merganser troubles

The female Common Merganser pictured above has become one of my regular subjects up at Lackawanna State Park. She hangs out in the marsh at the northern end of the lake, where the South Branch of Tunkhannock Creek empties into it. For several weeks in a row I’ve found her sitting on the muddy shoreline […]

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