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Morning of the Heron

  The end of June has come and gone and I’ve finally finished editing a set from then, from what I’m calling “The Morning of the Heron.”  For the simple reason that during my morning paddle, a few hours to go around about half of Lake Lackawanna, I came across a half-dozen Great Blue Herons. […]

Simple Clicks – Lackawanna morning

A morning outing at Lackawanna State Park in mid-June; it was a chance to put the kayak in the water and I didn’t have high expectations for what I might see.  But it turned out to be a productive trip.  The wildlife cooperated; herons let me approach, a Willow Flycatcher returned to the same branch […]

Simple Clicks – Eales Preserve

A male Eastern Towhee keeps a beady red eye on me as I hike along the Blueberry Trail in the Eales Preserve.  Perched in one of the taller scrub oak trees, he commands a view across the pine barrens and has no trouble identifying me as an interloper.  I don’t mind, as it’s good to […]

Simple Clicks – mama Merganser

I found mama Merganser on the Mongaup River, where I go eagling in the winter.  A couple of weeks back I took one of the kayaks out there, looking for someplace new to paddle.  I found mama and her chicks on a log in the river, just off Plank Road where I usually park.  I […]

Simple Clicks – Solitary surprise

A few weeks back I shared some photos from a sunset paddle around the north end of Prompton Lake.  This photo is from that outing and was a surprising capture of a Solitary Sandpiper hunting on the mud flats at twilight. Related Posts:Simple Clicks – HeronsSimple Clicks – on the huntSimple Clicks – River KilldeerSimple […]

Birding in July

July always signals the end of the true birding season for me.  Although it’s possible to continue observing birds, working with them, photographing them, their most vibrant season is over.  Mating has ended, most nests have fledged young, and by the end of the month some birds are already starting to molt into their autumn […]

A few more from WRM

West Rutland Marsh in the morning, an area the locals used to just call “the swamp” at a strange confluence of mountains, power lines, and old marble quarries.  And these days a hotspot for birders, like the census-conducting group I ran into this morning.  It’s a site that’s got a lot of physical beauty of […]

Virginia Rails at WRM

West Rutland Marsh is my favorite birding site in Vermont and the first place I head with the camera when I’m there.  The mix of birds there is dynamic, a mix of common and uncommon that, with a combination of luck and patience, almost always result in a rewarding outing.  And sometimes luck plays a […]

Simple Clicks – VINS raptors

During my Vermont trip we made a quick stop at VINS one afternoon.  VINS – the Vermont Institute of Natural Science – is one of those organizations that does simply amazing work.  They are primarily a bird research and rehabilitation facility, taking in avian species ranging from common songbirds to large raptors that have suffered […]

Hunting with the Great Blue Heron…again

A few weeks back I posted some photos of a Great Blue Heron that I was able to capture as he hunted in the shallows of Lackawanna Lake. It was an evening shoot and the heron was in the shade cast by the setting sun and I was forced to shoot at ISO 1600 and […]

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