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Simple Clicks – gone for the winter

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Simple Clicks – early spring feeder birds

Just a few captures from the backyard bird feeder over the past few weekends.  The snow wasn’t the greatest conditions to be working through, but it did add a nice quality.  The photo above is a Dark-eyed Junco, the first two below are a Carolina Wren (which was a really nice surprise, as this is […]

Simple Clicks – crow tracks in the snow

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The end is nigh!

The end of winter, that is.  And I present as evidence the little guy (or girl): the American Goldfinch.  Absent these past several months, the Goldfinches are returning north from their far southern wintering grounds.  They’re still dull-colored, their rich mating plumage still several weeks away at least.  Although in a few of the photos […]

Simple Clicks – takeoff

A couple of neat finds from my hike on Sunday afternoon.  We’d had an inch or two of snowfall the night before and the woods were filled with birds.  How the two are connected, I’m not really sure; it seems much too early for any of the southern migrants to be returning.  Although I could […]

Eagling 2015

0600 – It’s still dark when the alarm goes off.  If I can get my feet on the floor I’m fine, but that first step is the hardest, especially when I know that it’s well below freezing outside.  I dress in layers, gather gear, and make coffee, and I’m on the road before 0700, headed […]

Simple Clicks – Birdless winter

This past spring, being the first spring in which I have owned my own home and small square of property, I fulfilled a dream of many years and planted a flowering dogwood tree in my backyard.  It’s a mere collection of sticks now, sprouting from a trunk not much thicker than a carpenter’s pencil.  But […]

Simple Clicks – Flying V

It’s that time of year.  Actually, just over a month ago, when this photo was taken, it was already that time of year – by now we’ve moved on to the part where there’s snow all over the place.  (I know – I drove through a blizzard last week.) Of all the signs of a fading […]

Simple Clicks – John the Heron

  Just a quick share of John the Heron from back in August.  I think this was the night I took the kayak out and wasn’t really planning on doing much photography, but then found that I had some decent subject matter.  Thank goodness I brought the camera! Related Posts:Neckin’Simple Clicks – HeronsSimple Clicks – […]

Simple Clicks – Great Egret

  For the past several weeks, Lackawanna State Park has been host to a lone Great Egret.  A large bird that’s somewhat like an all-white Great Blue Heron, they are neither natives of this area, nor frequent visitors.  In fact, the range maps for their species show PA as a migratory area, although both their […]

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