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Simple Clicks – Lackawanna Lake at dawn

I’m standing along the shore at the fishing area at the north end of Lackawanna Lake, facing west with the marsh, and the South Branch of Tunkhannock Creek,…


Simple Clicks – goldenrod at sunrise

Goldenrod at sunrise, intensely back-lit and glowing.  It’s one of those shots I just couldn’t resist taking, even if it is a little un-grounded in a compositional sense….


Simple Clicks – maple leaves

You know what’s funny?  I grew up in Vermont and never once tapped maple trees to make syrup.  I had a friend up the street who did it,…


Trostle Pond & thoughts on color and b&w

        Turns out I shot a lot of photos at Trostle Pond the other morning.  And I was going through them in post, I stumbled…

Dawn over Bullhead Bay on the morning on 05 October 2014.

Simple Clicks – dock at Bullhead Bay

By now the dock has probably been pulled out of the water, too many cold nights and cool days upon us now, and the threat of ice is…


Simple Clicks – Great Egret

For the past several weeks, Lackawanna State Park has been host to a lone Great Egret.  A large bird that’s somewhat like an all-white Great Blue Heron, they…


A Cold Morning at Trostle

I crawled out of bed last weekend before sunrise and drove up darkened roads to Trostle Pond, clutching my mug of coffee and uttering silent thanks that during…


Simple Clicks – Autumn shoreline

View from the kayak a couple of weekends back, looking north up Lackawanna Lake towards Bullhead Bay.  The shoreline colors were just starting and are farther along now….


Simple Clicks – Mirror Morning

Mirrored-lake mornings like this are somewhat rare in my experience; the water only gets that intense glassy look now and then.  So I’m always pleased when I’m in…


Simple Clicks – the Harford Fair

It’s that time of year again, or rather, it for the past month it has been: fair season.  And as tradition dictates, we visited the Harford Fair, my…

Astrophotography, taken from Keystone Observatory on the evening of 09 November 2012.

November Astrophotograpy

Last Friday night was the final session in Keystone Observatory’s autumn series; the program won’t resume until spring, so until then I’ll have to find other sites when…

Carved pumpkin critters and a painted white pumpkin for All Hallows, 31 October 2012.

Happy All Hallows

Here’s wishing a spooky All Hallow’s, Dia de los Muertos, happy harvest, or just tons of candy to all my readers. However you celebrate this holiday, I hope…