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November Astrophotograpy

Last Friday night was the final session in Keystone Observatory’s autumn series; the program won’t resume until spring, so until then I’ll have to find other sites when I want to shoot the night sky. But fortunately this final evening at the observatory had the dual benefits of being both reasonably warm (or at least […]

Happy All Hallows

Here’s wishing a spooky All Hallow’s, Dia de los Muertos, happy harvest, or just tons of candy to all my readers. However you celebrate this holiday, I hope that you’re having fun with it! Related Posts:Happy Independence Day!Happy holidays! – and we’re back!Happy ThanksgivingNovember AstrophotograpySearching for autumn

Searching for autumn – panoramas

As promised, a few panoramas from my search for autumn last weekend.  The longer I shoot panoramas, the more I enjoy it, the wider view, the greater possible detail that I’m able to capture.  In the one above, I blotched the actual whole-tree version I had tried to shoot – too much distortion.  But in […]

Searching for autumn

Autumn, as a season and as the elements that make it up, is fleeting. Transitory, arriving with subtly until suddenly you realize it’s really here, and then just a couple of weeks later it’s passed, always fading out faster than you remember. Then the hillsides are brown and it’s simply winter, or pre-winter, or whatever […]

Lost in the fog

Spent Saturday morning up at Lackawanna State Park, lost in one of the thickest fogs I can remember having seen in a while. The lost part is, of course, more about my state of mind than any lack of physical orientation, which I figure is a better kind of lost all around. It’s comforting in […]

Central PA – Day 2

The Weather Channel girl struck out again on day two, when she called for 34% cloud cover at sunrise.  I dragged myself out in to a the cold, damp morning while it was still dark out and, after a few photos of the Inn itself, began scouting for a sunrise vista across the lake.  Without […]

First Frost Panoramas

Back to last Saturday morning for a few of the promised panoramas of NEPA’s first frosty morning.  Starting with the image above, which isn’t the traditional long panorama, but is still a two image composite that let me crop into a square aspect ration, which is a format I’ve been experimenting with a bit lately. […]

First Frost

NEPA got hit with its first hard frost last Friday night.  We knew it was coming; there were warnings on the radio and a general sense that yes, it was time.  Mid-October rarely passes without the first hard chill of the season.  But for all the concern over the first frost, it is a strangely ethereal event. […]

Simple Clicks – Olympus 75-300

Got out one evening last week with my newest lens, the Olympus m.Zuiko 75-300mm.  Back when I was getting the E-M5 I wasn’t very complimentary towards this piece of glass; it’s slow, with an aperture of f/6.3 at 300mm, and at $900 it’s overpriced for what basically amounts to a consumer-grade telephoto.  But it’s also […]

Quiet evening at the park

I stopped off at Lackawanna State Park last Thursday evening. It was one of those nights when I didn’t have any expectations but rather was looking forward to some quiet time outside. It was a beautiful evening, the air was cool, the autumn colors intensifying, and frankly I didn’t care what images I came home […]

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