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BRENT PENNINGTON View down to Little Pine Lake from the hillside at Little Pine State Park, on the afternoon of 29 August 2015.

Little Pine State Park: I should’ve brought the boat!

The final stop on my State Park Blitz was Little Pine State Park, which sits north of the town of Waterville, tucked partway up the mountains on the…

BRENT PENNINGTON Upper Pine Bottom Run defines Upper Pine Bottom State Park, near Waterville, PA, photographed on the afternoon of 29 August 2015.

Upper Pine Bottom State Park: the postage stamp park

Pulling into the parking lot at Upper Pine Bottom State Park, I’ll be honest and admit that I said, out loud, “This is it?” followed by some speculation…

BRENT PENNINGTON Rauchtown Run tumbles through the vibrant green forest in Ravensburg State Park on the afternoon of 29 August 2015.

Ravensburg State Park: shades of green

From RB Winter, it’s a half-hour drive to Ravensburg State Park, which sits only nine miles away, as the crow flies.  By road it’s a less direct route,…

BRENT PENNINGTON Handlaid sandstone dam holding back Halfway Lake at Raymond B Winter State Park on the afternoon of 29 August 2015.

Raymond B. Winter State Park: a heck of a nice place

In my original plan, Raymond B. Winter State Park was my stopping point for the day.  I’d drive out, check out the other parks on the way, and…

BRENT PENNINGTON Rapid Run spills over the tiny, geometric dam at Sand Bridge State Park on the afternoon of 29 August 2015. Photographed during the State Park Blitz.

Sand Bridge State Park: a good place for a picnic

As I mentioned in a previous post, in my mind state parks are always big.  The few that Vermont has are always good sized; some of New York’s…

BRENT PENNINGTON Milton State Park, situated in the midst of the West Branch of the Susquehanna River in Milton, PA. Photographed during the State Park Blitz on the morning of 29 August 2015.

Milton State Park: an island in the stream

Saturday morning and I was on the road by seven, heading south to I-80 and then west, towards the center of Pennsylvania, that region that looks so empty…

BRENT PENNINGTON The surface of Beltzville Lake is a mirror, reflecting a sky just clearing of fog. Beltzville State Park, the morning of 28 August 2015.

Beltzville State Park: on the big waters

Beltzville State Park lies an hour’s drive south of Scranton, down the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.  On the map, it’s a brilliant splash of blue amid…

BRENT PENNINGTON Fog clings to the evergreen forest around Wild Creek, just upstream from Wild Creek Cove on Beltzville Lake, in Beltzville State Park, on the morning of 28 August 2015.

State Park Blitz: a Central PA Adventure

For the last weekend in August, I decided that I needed to do something special to celebrate the last weekend of summer.  As I’ve mentioned before, one of…

BRENT PENNINGTON White clouds compete with lily pads as they reflect on the surface of Gouldsboro Lake on a stunning summer afternoon, 23 July 2015.

Afternoon paddling adventure

It seems that at least once each summer, usually late July or August, I throw common sense to the wind, grab the cameras, and head out for a…

BRENT PENNINGTON Twilight on the beach at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge on the evening of 09 May 2015.

Time on the sand

It’s been a few weeks since my Chincoteague NWR adventure in Virginia, and the deluge of posts that followed, and I realized that I still had a handful…

BRENT PENNINGTON The lower falls at Kent Brook, where it flows into Kent Pond, in Killington, VT, on the morning of 12 June 2015.

Playing in the water in Vermont

When I finished my loon adventure on Kent Pond, I paddled back towards the boat launch, continuing past it down the channel through the marsh to Kent Brook’s…

BRENT PENNINGTON A Common Loon swims on the surface of Kent Pond in Killington, VT, on the morning of 12 June 2015.

Loons in Vermont

When I went to Vermont a couple of weeks back, I drive over 600 miles round trip with the red Impulse 10 strapped to the Jeep’s roof racks….