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Throwing a Car into a Senior Session

Partway through Wednesday’s senior portrait session with Lauren, she mentioned that she had a new car, and was absolutely in love with it.  Her question: “Can I take some photos with it?”  Of course my answer was, “Sure!” Now full disclosure, I’ve never done any automotive shooting before, although I’ve read about it a few […]

Run Ragged

Did a shoot with these little gals a few nights back and they ran me ragged.  I’m more used to working with an older crowd, mostly mid-teens to adults, so this was a big change.  Working with kids was fun, but they really keep you racing just to keep up.  Since their attention span is […]

Saturday Light – Para-Dice

It’s time for another installment of Saturday Light – two Saturday’s ago, to be precise, when I shot local hip-hop artist Para-Dice. This was a new sort of gig for me, being the first time that I’ve worked with anyone from the music industry, but all in all it went really well. We had the […]

Saturday Light – Hip-Hop Portraits Preview

Thought I was going to miss my Saturday post, didn’t you?  No such luck – it’s the 11th hour but I’m here and with a good excuse.  The best, really: I was on a shoot.  Up late last night fighting with some software, the small luxury of sleeping in to compensate for it, and then […]

Playing Hookey in NYC

Spending the day in New York City, baby – the city that wrecks my nerves before I even get there.  But this is going to be a good day, ‘cause I’m at Scott Kelby’s Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it Tour at the Javits Center in Manhattan.  My friend and fellow shooter Photodude Mike is […]

Saturday Light: Sara, not quite as planned

This one is a long time in coming – longer than I thought when I posted the preview.  The extra post-processing steps I’ve been working with aren’t hard, but they do add several minutes to each photo, and aggregated across a shoot that adds up.  But working with a subject as great as Sara, it’s […]

Preview – Spring shoot with Sara

Just a sample of things to come soon, just as soon as I finish editing.  These are from a second shoot with the very talented Sara last week.  Post is taking longer than normal since I’m using some more advanced Photoshop portrait techniques.  They’re looking good, but the extra time demand, especially as I learn […]

St Michael’s at Easter

A few days back I shared a Simple Click of an icon of St Michael, taken from St Michael’s Byzntine Church during Easter week.  While that particular shot was a personal one for my friend Paul, who is also the client on this project, the rest of the evening’s goal was to create additional images […]

Layers: The Complete Guide – Review

Buy this book.  It’s a crappy way to start a review, I know, but it’s really just that simple – if you meet any of the criteria below, buy the book. If you’re fairly new to Photoshop and need to get a jump start If you’re a moderate user but want to know a lot […]

Saturday Light: Cheerleader

Running behind as I try to get back on track with everything, so despite being a week late here’s the photos from last weekend’s outdoor shoot – you know, the one where I managed to mangle several pieces of gear through a combination of high wind and low temperatures.  Yet through all that I had […]

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