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How I (really) use my camera

Over the past week, a number of different ideas, sources, and comments have been rattling around my brain before finally coalescing into a single, hopefully coherent thought. This is a little long-winded, so bear with me. I’ve been thinking about how I use my camera. How I really use it, the features and settings that […]

Some (New) Thoughts on My Camera System, m4:3, and the Future

Last week I came as close to leaving the Canon EOS system for the first time since I started as a photographer over six years ago. It was a bit of a shock to me and I wrestled with the idea, because Canon is safe and familiar and their gear have been my beloved tools […]

Pecha Kucha Night Scranton

Pecha Kucha Night Scranton was a HUGE success and a heck of a lot of fun!  My presentation, complete with narrative, is posted on my professional site – click the image above to jump over there and take a look. Related Posts:Pecha Kucha Night ScrantonSimple Clicks – DowntownSimple Clicks – Sunrise over the cityPhotos from […]

Pecha Kucha Night Scranton

Some shameless self-promotion – I’ll be presenting at Pecha Kucha Scranton on Saturday, January 28th. If you haven’t heard of Pecha Kucha before (and I certainly hadn’t), it’s a series of presentations, each exactly six minutes & forty seconds in length and composed of 20 slides. Think TED, but rapid-fire. The Scranton event will include […]

St Michael’s Centennial

Two weekends ago was the culmination of St. Michael’s Church’s centennial year, and marked the end of my time covering their events.  I’m going to miss it.  Rather than repeat the same post here, please click the image below to view the original post on my professional site, {Brent Pennington: Photographer} Related Posts:Centennial KickoffChurch Xmas […]

Simple Clicks – Glamour Light

Just a trial run for an idea I’ve been hoping to develop better. I’ve seen other photogs use this style of lighting with kick ass results and have been dying to try it myself. I was able to grab a few shots with Lauren on Saturday, which convinced me that it’s worth developing, even if […]

Portfolios Updated

Spent some time today catching up on chores, including portfolio updates.  Most are images that have been featured here during the past year, although a few may be new.  Like so many photographic chores (keywording, data backup, etc.) this is one that I should do a better job keeping up with.  Maybe next year! In […]

Jesse & Allison’s Wedding

Spent last weekend in Connecticut at my best friend’s wedding, which is why this week’s posts have been off-schedule. Like all great weddings, it took a couple of days to recover from – and a few more days to work through the photos. This wasn’t a straight forward gig for me: I was actually one […]

Simple Clicks – Kristen

Just a quick look at Kristen, who I photographed last week.  Still working through the full set from part-one of her session, but I’m already very happy with how it’s turning out!  Tried some new stuff with some success, including the image above, which has the very distinct foreground/background focus separation that I like in […]

Sometimes it all comes together

Sometimes it all just comes together…the right model, the right outfit, the right look, the right setting, and the right light.  With all those elements, it’s little wonder that it doesn’t happen more often.  Don’t get the wrong idea, there are plenty of good photos that come out of each shoot.  Plenty of great photos, […]

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