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Sunrise Fog

In my previous post I shared a series of very colorful sunrise images and called it,very unimaginatively, Sunrise Color.  Well this is the sister post, with the outtakes from that morning that just didn’t go well enough with the others for me to include them there, despite the fact that I really liked them (I outright […]

Sunrise Color

So here’s this past Monday morning up at Bullhead Bay, shivering in shorts and a light jacket that weren’t the smartest choice while fog curled around my ankles.  I shoot here a lot, the shoreline and especially the dock being perennial favorites of mine.  If I keep working a location enough, I figure that I’ll […]

Dog Days of Summer

It’s 93* outside, which means that I start sweating as soon as I look out the window. The air outside is sticky and saturated 24-hours a day; even the nights don’t cool down and the breeze, if you can find it, is just hot, sticky air in motion. These are the dog days of summer. […]

Not quite right

This image – and the others in this post – are almost two months old.  I shot them while out in the kayak, on a trip to Promised Land State Park.  Amid my usual search for birds, I made a point to shoot some landscapes with the intention of adding them to my “Black & […]

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!  We’re kicking it off a few hours early here in the Electric City.  Scranton is the only place I’ve ever been where people shoot off fireworks all year round.  Literally right out of their yards, well within the city limits, a few random ones each week, sometimes a small batch.  Nobody seems […]

Vermont landscapes

Just about to wrap up the last photos from my Vermont trip, ending with a few landscapes.  This series came from my last morning outing, on a day when I wasn’t sure what I wanted to shoot.  All I knew for certain is that I was bored going to the same locations and wanted something […]

Simple Clicks – on the river

Monday evening, 6 May, became my first river outing in the new kayak.  I put in at Falls, PA, and paddled three miles up the Susquehanna River to a point where a large island divided the river.  The division caused the current to intensify to the point where I just could’t paddle through it; besides […]

Spring star trails

  I wrapped up my perfect spring Saturday with an evening under the stars with friends.  It’s been a while since I’ve shot any astrophotography, in part because I was struggling to keep it interesting.  As a genera, it’s a bit of a tricky one; adding interest to any astro scene depends a lot on […]

Easton, PA

Spend 24 hours in the town of Easton a couple of weeks back, on a March Saturday that turned out to be uncharacteristically warm and lovely.  It as planned as a get-away trip that, unfortunately, didn’t really turn out the way I’d planned and I ended up cutting it short and coming back a day […]

A new adventure

*Note: this post went live on Saturday, so some of you may have seen it.  It wasn’t supposed to, as it was still lacking photos and some final edits.  Not sure what happened there, but oh well – here it is again, in its final form. It’s time for a new adventure, so starting this […]

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