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Eagling: take 2

I spent Saturday afternoon out at Mongaup Falls and on the Plank for what was easily a tie for the best eagling experience I’ve yet had. All I can say is wow! Couldn’t have asked for a better day. In the wake of Winter Storm Nemo (which was kind of a joke here in PA), […]

Best of 2012

These are my favorite images from the past year. Some are simple, others more complex; most have been seen on here before. It’s easy to forget about good shots from a few months ago, and fulfilling to go back and look through tagged images to re-discover them. Pulling this collection together, I feel better about […]

NYC at Christmastime

I’m back from the Big Apple, that crazy city on the island that thinks it’s the center of the universe. It was part two of my bi-yearly pilgrimage, brought on by a combination of Mandy’s asking to go, and cheap tickets on a bus chartered by a friend’s family. Not having to drive makes it […]

Morning at Kent Pond

Back to Kent Pond two mornings after my first visit, this time with a mind to shoot the pond itself against the backdrop of the Green Mountains – which were looking a bit more brown this particular morning, being sadly free of snow. But the sunrise was decent and the rising light side-lit Pico Mountain […]

Kent Brook Falls

We got to Vermont on Tuesday last week and by Wednesday I was already itching to get out with the camera. In part because I hadn’t done much shooting lately, and because whatever its other faults are, Vermont is a seriously beautiful place. Even in this post-autumn, pre-snow stage when the landscape might just be […]

Thanksgiving morning in Vermont

A surprising number of my holidays start this way – out in the cold, roving around a lake or through the woods, usually by myself.  And maybe that sounds a little undesirable  but really it isn’t.  There’s something nice about starting the day off peacefully.  And I love being outside at sunrise when the world is […]

Gettysburg 2012

November 19th marked the annual Remembrance Day and parade in Gettysburg, PA. This small town in southern Pennsylvania is one of my favorite places to visit and every year we make the trek down – usually a couple of times, but always for Remembrance Day. It’s a surreal sort of weekend. You’ll walk down the […]

Searching for autumn – panoramas

As promised, a few panoramas from my search for autumn last weekend.  The longer I shoot panoramas, the more I enjoy it, the wider view, the greater possible detail that I’m able to capture.  In the one above, I blotched the actual whole-tree version I had tried to shoot – too much distortion.  But in […]

Searching for autumn

Autumn, as a season and as the elements that make it up, is fleeting. Transitory, arriving with subtly until suddenly you realize it’s really here, and then just a couple of weeks later it’s passed, always fading out faster than you remember. Then the hillsides are brown and it’s simply winter, or pre-winter, or whatever […]

Central PA – Day 2

The Weather Channel girl struck out again on day two, when she called for 34% cloud cover at sunrise.  I dragged myself out in to a the cold, damp morning while it was still dark out and, after a few photos of the Inn itself, began scouting for a sunrise vista across the lake.  Without […]

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