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Simple Clicks – Water Gap at sunrise


One of the simple joys of being a photographer is getting to experience some truly beautiful things – generally without a lot of distractions.  In this case, it was getting to admire the Delaware Water Gap at sunrise from the top of Camelback Mountain.  I had to share the place with just one other person, who stayed in the upper lot the whole time, leaving me free to feel like the only soul watching this light show. Read more »

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Simple Clicks – Paddling in Fog



Here’s something I don’t think I’ve done before…a photo from my phone.  I’m well aware that cell-phone-ography is a (somewhat) legitimate thing now – and has been for some time.  But I don’t buy into it.  Call me old fashioned, but my personal feeling is still that just because my phone has a camera, that doesn’t somehow make it a camera.  If I really want to take photos, I have a whole kit of real gear for that. Read more »

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Simple Clicks – Birch



I was in the field for a whole other reason, shooting landscapes at sunrise.  And then I saw this detail and forgot about the landscapes entirely.  There’s something photogenic about birch trees in general, but this one, captured half in the warm sunrise light and half in the shade of twilight, was irresistible.  So I stopped watching the sunrise and focused on this tree for a few minutes, and like what I got.

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Simple Clicks – Boulder Field

BRENT PENNINGTON Boulder field at Hickory Run State Park.  24 May 2014.

While Pennsylvania may lack the more visible features of an astonishing landscape – mountains, for one – that doesn’t mean that it suffers from a dearth of fascinating elements.  They’re just a bit more subtle, or a bit more hidden, but still plenty impressive.  Take the Boulder Field, for example.  A glacial remnant from about 15,000 years ago, the field covers a broad patch of Hickory Run State park and is composed of boulders ranging from huge to stone-sized, and continues to a depth of at least ten feet.

Pretty impressive, huh?

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Simple Clicks – Hickory Run





Around here, creeks are also known as “runs.”  It’s an old-timey word and appears on maps across the Poconos.  Hickory Run – the namesake of Hickory Run State Park – is a prime example; shaded, secluded, rhododendron-lined as it tumbles down the slopes.

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Simple Clicks – Blackbird in flight

BRENT PENNINGTON Fords Pond on the morning of 07 June 2014.


A morning outing at Fords Pond with Paul; it was the first time we’d been out shooting together in several months and the planets weren’t quite aligning for anything great.  I was shooting the reeds backlit by the rising sun, the fog on the water, and happened to catch this female Red-winged Blackbird in mid-flight – or probably mid-landing.  It made the shot, that one small detail.

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Simple Clicks – Sunrise


A pair leftover from last September, from an early morning when I was on my way to Lackawanna State Park with the kayak.  Coming over the hill towards Bullhead Bay, the sun was lighting both the clouds and fog and I couldn’t help but throw the flashers on and pull over.  I wandered up and down the road for a few minutes, trying to compose but mostly just enjoying the show. Read more »

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Frances Slocum in B&W

BRENT PENNINGTON Frances Slocum State Park on a summer afternoon; 01 June 2014.

Back in June I spent several hours hiking at Frances Slocum State Park, doing my best to stay in the cooler shade of the forest and enjoy the scenery.  It’s a park I don’t visit very often; it’s a bit of a pain to get there, although really rather lovely in many ways.  The U-shaped lake is great for both paddling and hiking and the trails – especially the one through the northwestern marsh, are excellent.

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Morning of the Heron



The end of June has come and gone and I’ve finally finished editing a set from then, from what I’m calling “The Morning of the Heron.”  For the simple reason that during my morning paddle, a few hours to go around about half of Lake Lackawanna, I came across a half-dozen Great Blue Herons.

The guy above was the most interesting, having caught a monster bullhead just before I found him.  He was in the process of eating the bullhead – or at least trying to – when I came across him and was fortunate enough to be in camera-range. Read more »

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Simple Clicks – Lackawanna morning


A morning outing at Lackawanna State Park in mid-June; it was a chance to put the kayak in the water and I didn’t have high expectations for what I might see.  But it turned out to be a productive trip.  The wildlife cooperated; herons let me approach, a Willow Flycatcher returned to the same branch after each insect-hunting flight, and even the snake on the log didn’t object to a portrait.  I guess I have simple tastes, but all it really takes to make me happy is a cool, sunny morning on the water and some cooperative critters.140615_LSP05 140615_LSP08 140615_LSP10 140615_LSP12

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