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Simple Clicks – Herons


On the same morning as my Colors of Fog post, but about an hour or so later, I was farther along the shoreline at Fords Pond when I encountered the little Green Heron.  He was in position for a perfect shot, but I wasn’t prepared, and he flew away before I was able to capture anything.  I was angry with myself for the lost opportunity, but as I continued on my paddle I rounded another bend on the shoreline and came across this scene. Read more »

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Colors of fog


Fords Pond a few weeks back, I was out on the water before sunrise and had the place to myself.  I’ve often said that sunrise is my favorite time of day, although truthfully it can be hard to get out of bed that early sometimes, and especially during mid-summer when it comes extra-early.  But on this morning I was out on the water amid the first chill of the impending Autumn.

The fog was rising up off the surface and was actually warmer than the air around it, and as I’d paddled through a column I could feel the warmth and enjoy it for a moment.  I knew that later on the fog would catch the sunlight and be spectacular,  but right now it was still twilight and everything was purple.  Out in the middle of the pond I found a raft of resting geese, ghost like, deep in the fog. Read more »

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Simple Clicks – Susquehanna Evening



I spent time this past week out on the Susquehanna River, putting the Tarpon in at Falls and paddling upstream in my usual pattern, to the islands that finally block my progress about three miles up.  Instead of challenging the current, I crossed the river and paddled up into the mud islands, exploring the channels between them and seeing how they had changed.  The water was lower on this trip than on any of my previous visits, so there was a lot more shoreline exposed, and the mud islands were both larger and more numerous.  Some of the channels between them had even dried out. Read more »

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Simple Clicks – foggy creek

140820_LSP04South Branch of Tunkhannock Creek at sunrise this past week.  If you look closely, you’ll see that it’s there – those first signs of autumn.  The final waves of wildflowers, the slight turning of the grasses, the first tinge of color on the shoreline.  Summer is fleeting now.


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Simple Clicks – moonset


From the morning of 10 August, while I was on my way to Fords Pond for some sunrise kayaking.  I was passing Abington Area Community Park, almost to the pond, when I saw the moon over the far hill and knew I had to get a photo, and quick.  I pulled into the field across from the park with the idea that using the cornfield as a foreground might work.  Turns out it wasn’t quite right, but this field filled with Queen Anne’s Lace was perfect. Read more »

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Simple Clicks – on the hunt



Okay, so maybe it’s a bit of a butt shot, but it was too visually interesting for me to toss it.  And in my defense, you can see this heron’s face, so that’s something.  But what mainly attracts me are two things:  first, the intensity of the pose.  This guy didn’t care that I was there – not at all.  All his attention is on the hunt, and some little fish is about to have a very bad morning because of it.  Second, the light; he stepped into this brighter spot as I took the photo and it totally works, especially with the darker shaded area behind him.

Read more »

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Simple Clicks – River Killdeer



Nope, not some rare subset of the species, you won’t find a “River Killdeer” in any birding books.  This is just a Killdeer who happens to live on the Susquehanna.  Or was stopping over, or visiting grandma, or whatever it is Killdeer do besides eat, sleep, and the other thing.  This photo is from June, on a morning paddle up the river from Falls, PA.  It’s my usual track, up from the launch to to the mud islands and, if I’m feeling masochistic, up the side of the first mid-channel island, against a miserable current that I always have to give in to. Read more »

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Spotted Sandpiper


Meet the Spotted Sandpiper, a more frequent citizen of inland Pennsylvania than you might imagine.  If you’re like me, then sandpipers are a kind of generic group of birds, pretty much anything you see at the beach with long legs that runs around in the tidal area.  Well, it turns out that it’s a little more complicated than that (big surprise; what isn’t?).  Belonging to a different family than the Killdeer I shared photos of in my last post, the two birds nevertheless look a lot alike, both physically and in terms of their behavior.  Which makes sense, seeing as they share similar habitats, the Spotted Sandpiper actually appearing all across North America. Read more »

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Killdeer at Prompton



Found this guy up at Prompton Lake last week during a sunset paddle.  I drove up in hopes that the cloud-studded sky would last through sunset and produce some great drama over the lake.  That was a flop – the clouds all evaporated just before sunset.  But as I was launching the kayak I was surprised the by amount of plover activity along the shore right near the boat launch.  Of course, my activity getting out on the water flushed them all, but I paddled to the opposite shore, which was still in the sun, and found that there were still plenty of little birds there. Read more »

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Simple Clicks – Prompton sunset

BRENT PENNINGTON Sunset over Prompton Lake on the evening of 08 August 2014.

Another evening spent on the water and I’m the better for it.  Aside from coming home refreshed, with a good workout and clear mind, I came home with some great photos as well, including some nice plover action that I’ll share soon.  The second half of my paddle was just a paddle, no wildlife, but I stopped a few times for some sunset photos along the way.   Read more »

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