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Simple Clicks – the Harford Fair


It’s that time of year again, or rather, it for the past month it has been: fair season.  And as tradition dictates, we visited the Harford Fair, my favorite fair in the entire world.  Unfortunately heavy rain kept us from going on rodeo night, so we drove up the following afternoon, a Saturday, to revel in the wonders of rural-county agriculture, 4H projects, livestock auctions, and fried dough and orangeaid. Read more »

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Simple Clicks – Praying Mantis



Found this guy on the shrubs in front of my home this past weekend, foraging for a meal (or so I assume).  Mantids are a new sort of critter for me; I never found one in Vermont, but since moving to Pennsylvania I’ve encountered them several times, both large and small.  This one was big, definitely an adult. Read more »

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Neckin’ – no, not the kind we so enjoyed as teenagers. This little guy is a Green Heron, and a few posts back I talked about how they have necks like coiled springs, which most of the time are kept tucked down and out of sight. This guy was hunting, then perched and did a little preening, and stretched his neck out. It’s a rear shot, but the behavior is interesting, and it’s an uncommon look at a neat critter.

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Fresh from the farm(ers market)

BRENT PENNINGTON Fresh blueberries shot in the kitchen studio, 03 August 2014.

Been working on some food photography over the past few weeks, off and on, as I’ve come home with goods from the farmer’s market. We go down every Saturday morning to pick up our CSA share – that’s Community Supported Agriculture, for those of you not familiar with it. We have a share in a CSA run by our friend Farmer Jon, who managed to grow some of the best looking – and tasting – veggies I’ve ever seen. And I’ve been trying to get some good photos of them.

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Late summer variety, part 2


I started writing Thursday’s Late Summer Variety, part 1 and realized that I had more photos to share than I thought. More than could fit into a single post, at least, with any expectation that my readers would make it to the end. So I decided to break it into two parts, concluding with a few final species from my recent travels.

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Late summer variety, part 1


A sampling of critters from a couple of different mornings lately, starting with my old friends, the Cedar Waxwings. These are some of my favorite birds, thanks to their perfect combination of good looks, personality, and general lack of fear of photographers. They’re also a late summer bird, at least here in NEPA, and their arrival is always a nice surprise after the rest of the general birding has quieted down.

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Simple Clicks – Herons


On the same morning as my Colors of Fog post, but about an hour or so later, I was farther along the shoreline at Fords Pond when I encountered the little Green Heron.  He was in position for a perfect shot, but I wasn’t prepared, and he flew away before I was able to capture anything.  I was angry with myself for the lost opportunity, but as I continued on my paddle I rounded another bend on the shoreline and came across this scene. Read more »

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Colors of fog


Fords Pond a few weeks back, I was out on the water before sunrise and had the place to myself.  I’ve often said that sunrise is my favorite time of day, although truthfully it can be hard to get out of bed that early sometimes, and especially during mid-summer when it comes extra-early.  But on this morning I was out on the water amid the first chill of the impending Autumn.

The fog was rising up off the surface and was actually warmer than the air around it, and as I’d paddled through a column I could feel the warmth and enjoy it for a moment.  I knew that later on the fog would catch the sunlight and be spectacular,  but right now it was still twilight and everything was purple.  Out in the middle of the pond I found a raft of resting geese, ghost like, deep in the fog. Read more »

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Simple Clicks – Susquehanna Evening



I spent time this past week out on the Susquehanna River, putting the Tarpon in at Falls and paddling upstream in my usual pattern, to the islands that finally block my progress about three miles up.  Instead of challenging the current, I crossed the river and paddled up into the mud islands, exploring the channels between them and seeing how they had changed.  The water was lower on this trip than on any of my previous visits, so there was a lot more shoreline exposed, and the mud islands were both larger and more numerous.  Some of the channels between them had even dried out. Read more »

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Simple Clicks – foggy creek

140820_LSP04South Branch of Tunkhannock Creek at sunrise this past week.  If you look closely, you’ll see that it’s there – those first signs of autumn.  The final waves of wildflowers, the slight turning of the grasses, the first tinge of color on the shoreline.  Summer is fleeting now.


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