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Simple Clicks – crow tracks in the snow


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Winter in B&W


And we’re back!  Although to start off this weekend, I’m stepping back to late February with some snow-filled photos, despite the fact that the snow is now (thankfully) gone from our landscape.

This was one of those Saturday mornings when I simply couldn’t take being trapped indoors anymore, so set off to the park bundled up like I was on my way to the Antarctic and made the best of it.  And let me tell you, nothing warms you up quite like hiking through a good, ankle-deep snow with an icy crust!

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Spring Update

BRENT PENNINGTON Long grass at Archbald Regional Park at the start of spring, 05 March 2013.

It’s been a couple of weeks now without any posts, for which I apologize.  I’ve been working on other projects that have taken up my time, and the opportunities for photography have been few.  The weather hasn’t been any help in that department, either.

Also, I’ve been without my computer for the same period, as my laptop’s cooling fan died.  Parts are on order and I am hopeful that the computer will be back next week.  While I do have the Linux laptop in the meantime, the batch of photos I was planning to share next are still half-edited on the Windows machine, and inaccessible to me at present.

So bear with me, we should be back to operations as usual by next week!

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Simple Clicks – ice fishermen


The past several posts have focused around looking down into the ice, and the dark lake below.  I thought it was time to look around again, at the world atop the ice.  While exploring the ice fishing holes, I also captured a few shots of the ice fishermen themselves, and the little communities that spring up around the more popular spots.

There’s a sort of festival, carnival feel to these communities.  Tent-style shanties anchor some of the hole clusters, nearly everyone has a sled to haul their gear, and the dress is a mixture of well-insulated camouflage and hunter orange gear.  Some folks bring chairs and I have to imagine that somewhere, out of sight of passing park rangers, there’s a few cans of beer.

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Ice fishing holes 03


Presenting the third, and possibly final, segment in my collection of ice fishing hole photos.  I can’t decide if this mini-project is interesting, or just stupid.  On one hand the holes, their variety and features, are interesting.  And scouting them is kind of an adventure, never knowing what each will show me.  I’ve seen some neat things, both in the holes themselves and peripheral to them.

On the other hand, I’m wandering around taking photos of holes drilled in a frozen lake.  Has cabin fever put me around the bend?  I’m sure that the ice fishermen themselves think I’m daffy.  After all, how many holes does it take before they all start to look alike?

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Ice fishing holes 02


Following my post from last week, I’ve since returned to Lackawanna State Park and trekked farther across the well-frozen lake.  While on the water, so to speak, I was keeping an eye out for ice fishing holes to add to my photographic collection started in the previous post.  Turns out that isn’t hard to do – in fact, I had to keep an eye for them in the sense that, if I hadn’t, I’d have tripped over them!

Ice fishing appears to be as popular as ever in NEPA, with easily a few dozen folks – mainly men from what I saw – enjoying a sunny Sunday morning on the ice.  And given the evidence in the ice itself, it’s been a consistent pursuit throughout the recent weeks.

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Views of winter


A last few photos from my winter hike, for which I arrived over prepared.  I set out with my Frog Tog waterproof pants on over my jeans, bundled up with my winter parka, thick socks in my old-style snow boots.  Within ten minutes two things were clear: there was a blazed, packed trail through the snow from all the other folks out enjoying the day, and I was overdressed and sweaty.

I followed the trail down to Kennedy Creek and would have been fine in hiking boots and bluejeans the whole way.  But what the hell, it was a good hike and well worth it.  And when I reached the creek – which was frozen over – I was able to go off trail for a few minutes.

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The end is nigh!


The end of winter, that is.  And I present as evidence the little guy (or girl): the American Goldfinch.  Absent these past several months, the Goldfinches are returning north from their far southern wintering grounds.  They’re still dull-colored, their rich mating plumage still several weeks away at least.  Although in a few of the photos below, you can see that some of the yellow is starting to fill in around this guy’s head and breast. Read more »

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New Gear – Olympus TG-3

[Image credit:

[Image credit:]

Just a quick update on the gear front, I broke down and added a new camera to the stable.  My Olympus TG-3 arrived last week and I’ve yet to have the opportunity to put it through its paces, save for a few simple test shots around the house.

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Ice Fishing


Last weekend, when the temperature finally rose above zero – and above freezing – I trekked out to the park for my annual “go stand on the ice” event.  It’s something I do each winter and, to be honest, it’s probably a little silly.  After all, I kayak these same waters eight months out of the year, so it’s not as if I’m standing someplace new.

Except that it’s different.  There is something novel about walking out across a frozen lake and physically standing in a place that you otherwise cannot the rest of the year.  So for the sake of novelty, there I was.

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