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Simple Clicks – macro dew


A late post for yesterday, which I missed while on the road.  This is a forsythia bush, just starting to blossom – they’re fairly common in NEPA and are always vibrantly, fiery yellow in the early spring.  We added one to our landscaping this year and it’s already looking like this.

I was out with the Olympus TG-3 the one morning, experimenting with it’s macro mode, and captured this.

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Simple Clicks – feeder birds


A few photos from the backyard feeder, where spring has arrived to stay.  The American Goldfinches have largely moved through, although a few individuals are still in the area and are slowly molting into their full breeding plumage.  Likewise, a few Dark-eyed Juncos, which are usually a winter bird, are still here.  The rest are the “regulars,” the local population who I am coming to know simply by repetition.

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Simple Clicks – flowing water


I stopped and played in the stream that flows across the old gravel road up at the Eales Preserve last weekend.  I had the new Olympus TG-3 with me, which is one of their “tough” series P&S cameras that is, among other things, waterproof.  And while I didn’t dunk it into the creek entirely, I did position it right up to the water as it ran over rocks and through channels to capture the ultra-close up views featured in this post.

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Hiking the Pine Barrens


12 April 2015 – this Sunday was such a beautiful day that it would have been a crime to spend it indoors.  So once my outside chores were done, I debated kayaking vs. hiking and, as I had been kayaking the morning before at Lackawanna State Park and was still unsure of the ice conditions on the other area lakes, I decided on hiking and drove up to the Eales Preserve on Moosic Mountain.

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Simple Clicks – shore ice


Although there was still ice on the lake this past weekend, in the 2.5 miles I paddled I only found two places where any snow or ice remained on shore, and this was by far the bigger concentration of it.  Tucked in under a stand of pines right on the lakeside, the ice here must be a couple of feet thick, with a deep trench cut through the middle by a runoff stream.

Why it’s still here is a mystery; the conditions must be just right in this one spot to maintain an environment that it can survive in, although after a weekend with temperatures in the 60s, it may already be gone by the time you read this.

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First Paddle of Spring


11 April 2015 – Saturday morning and, for the first time in months, I got some time on the water.  I made it up to Bullhead Bay just after sunrise, operating on a friend who lives nearby who said that the water was open down to the marsh.  And so after a winter-long hiatus, I put the hull in the water and paddled off to explore.

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Simple Clicks – South Branch of Tunkhannock Creek in b&w


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Simple Clicks – last of the snow


A few final captures from the end of winter, the last early-spring snowstorm that hit us in the final weeks of March.  I drove up to Lackawanna State Park the morning after to enjoy the frosted look, every branch coated with snow.  It’s lovely and the visit was good, but the snow is all gone now and I don’t miss it at all.

Although the morning started with promise, the light went funky after only a little while, and started to fall flat.  But still, I enjoyed the photos below enough to want to share them.  Enjoy. Read more »

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Early Lessons in Ubuntu & Photography

Ubuntu Screenshot
As I mentioned a week or so ago, my primary computer was down for most of March due to a failed cooling fan. While it was out for repairs, I was left with my Ubuntu laptop as my only means of true photo editing and, while the original plan had been to use this as a testbed for a future conversion to full Linux environment, it was a bit more sudden than I had anticipated.

The results, however, are interesting.
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Happy Easter


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