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Simple Clicks – Hickory Run





Around here, creeks are also known as “runs.”  It’s an old-timey word and appears on maps across the Poconos.  Hickory Run – the namesake of Hickory Run State Park – is a prime example; shaded, secluded, rhododendron-lined as it tumbles down the slopes.

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Simple Clicks – Blackbird in flight

BRENT PENNINGTON Fords Pond on the morning of 07 June 2014.


A morning outing at Fords Pond with Paul; it was the first time we’d been out shooting together in several months and the planets weren’t quite aligning for anything great.  I was shooting the reeds backlit by the rising sun, the fog on the water, and happened to catch this female Red-winged Blackbird in mid-flight – or probably mid-landing.  It made the shot, that one small detail.

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Simple Clicks – Sunrise


A pair leftover from last September, from an early morning when I was on my way to Lackawanna State Park with the kayak.  Coming over the hill towards Bullhead Bay, the sun was lighting both the clouds and fog and I couldn’t help but throw the flashers on and pull over.  I wandered up and down the road for a few minutes, trying to compose but mostly just enjoying the show. Read more »

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Frances Slocum in B&W

BRENT PENNINGTON Frances Slocum State Park on a summer afternoon; 01 June 2014.

Back in June I spent several hours hiking at Frances Slocum State Park, doing my best to stay in the cooler shade of the forest and enjoy the scenery.  It’s a park I don’t visit very often; it’s a bit of a pain to get there, although really rather lovely in many ways.  The U-shaped lake is great for both paddling and hiking and the trails – especially the one through the northwestern marsh, are excellent.

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Morning of the Heron



The end of June has come and gone and I’ve finally finished editing a set from then, from what I’m calling “The Morning of the Heron.”  For the simple reason that during my morning paddle, a few hours to go around about half of Lake Lackawanna, I came across a half-dozen Great Blue Herons.

The guy above was the most interesting, having caught a monster bullhead just before I found him.  He was in the process of eating the bullhead – or at least trying to – when I came across him and was fortunate enough to be in camera-range. Read more »

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Simple Clicks – Lackawanna morning


A morning outing at Lackawanna State Park in mid-June; it was a chance to put the kayak in the water and I didn’t have high expectations for what I might see.  But it turned out to be a productive trip.  The wildlife cooperated; herons let me approach, a Willow Flycatcher returned to the same branch after each insect-hunting flight, and even the snake on the log didn’t object to a portrait.  I guess I have simple tastes, but all it really takes to make me happy is a cool, sunny morning on the water and some cooperative critters.140615_LSP05 140615_LSP08 140615_LSP10 140615_LSP12

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Simple Clicks – Hickory Run in winter


A few from this past winter – early February to be exact.  I drove down to Hickory Run State Park with the idea that the various creeks, or “runs” as they’re called down there, would be particularly scenic amid the ice and snow.  I trudged through quite a bit of deep snow to reach these falls, but it was worth it. Read more »

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Color or b&w?

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Sometimes I find that the choice between color and black and white is straight-forward, while other times it’s a lot harder for me to figure out which I prefer.  The beauty of shooting RAW is having the ability to make that decision after the fact, or even to make a duplicate and try both edits.  Seeing them side-by-side, I can usually see which I prefer.  But in some cases, it’s still not clear. Read more »

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Simple Clicks – Kennedy Creek trail


I hiked the Kennedy Creek trail at Lackawanna State Park this past spring, back in April.  It’s that time of year when spring is here, but it’s subtle – it isn’t showing its hand yet and, at first look at least, it’s more like winter without snow.  I’ve been shooting landscapes in black & white a bit more than usual, generally changing the EM-5′s mode to monochrome, which lets me see the viewfinder image in b&w (although by shooting RAW, I still get color images and can make the conversion myself later). Read more »

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Simple Clicks – Eales Preserve


A male Eastern Towhee keeps a beady red eye on me as I hike along the Blueberry Trail in the Eales Preserve.  Perched in one of the taller scrub oak trees, he commands a view across the pine barrens and has no trouble identifying me as an interloper.  I don’t mind, as it’s good to see him again – two years ago he, or his relatives, were very active in the preserve, although last year I didn’t have any good sightings. Read more »

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