Roving: (adj) 1. not restricted to a location or area of concern; 2. inclined to ramble or stray


That about sums it up.  Me, that is, as a photographer.  And probably as a person.  I’m inclined to ramble through life, to follow wooded trails always around the next bend, to paddle up secret streams beyond the beaver dams, and to roam across the landscape on the whims of the light.

If you came along, you might sometimes think I was lost.  Sometimes I think I’m lost.  But that doesn’t matter.  It’s the journey that makes the images.

For my clients, I specialize in portraiture and promotional photography.  I get a thrill out of meeting people, working with them, peeling back the layers just a little to see inside, and then making an image of what’s within.

If you’re looking for stunning models and beautiful portraits, check out my professional site: Brent Pennington: Photographer.  You’ll find some of that here, in a behind-the-scenes sort of way.  But mostly you’ll find other things.

So who am I behind the camera?  Or perhaps more important, without the camera?  It’s a tough question, because after 10 years as a photographer it is hard to think of myself in other ways.  But here goes:

  • I believe that coffee is the finest organic suspension in the galaxy
  • I’m a science nerd and probably should have gotten a degree in ecology or biology instead of in creative writing
  • I enjoy woodworking and have begun learning more about it as I build my first furniture pieces
  • In the same vein, I like engineering; I often try to fabricate my own tools, and over the years much of my lighting kit has been homemade
  • I love soft summer evenings at twilight, tracing the path of fireflies, and later, of constellations as they appear
  • Autumn is by far my favorite season
  • At an earlier point in my life I thought I’d become a pilot
  • Time on the water restores me, and I take kayaking season rather seriously as a result
  • I live in Scranton, Pennsylvania, with my fiancee (soon-to-be wife), Mandy, and a talkative cat named Annabelle

You’ll end up reading about most of those things in some form if you stick around.  You’ll see songbirds and raptors, mammals and flowers, and a taste of the landscapes across which I roam.  You’ll also find out about some of the gear I use, the tools that I like and find useful, as well as those that I don’t.

So please, read and enjoy.  Leave comments or send me messages.  And maybe I’ll see you out there sometime!

-Brent Pennington