The Roving Photographer


Roving: (adj) 1. not restricted to a location or area of concern; 2. inclined to ramble or stray

That about sums it up.  Me, that is, as a photographer.  I’m inclined to ramble through the woods, along field rows, or down creeks until they get somewhere.  It doesn’t matter where, usually, so long as it’s somewhere.  And if you came along, you might sometimes think I was lost – secretly, sometimes I think I’m lost – but that doesn’t matter, either.  It’s the journey that makes the images.

I specialize in portraiture and commercial photography.  I get a thrill out of meeting people, getting to work with them, getting to peer just a little ways into who they really are, and make an image.  But when the clients are gone and the light stands are put away, I retreat to nature and make images for myself.

It lets me forget the daily concerns and focus on the world around me, instead.  The activities of the wildlife, the life cycles of the plants.  It’s something I’m passionate about, and take great pleasure in doing.  And that’s enough.

So if you’re looking for stunning models and beautiful brides, check out my professional site: Brent Pennington: Photographer.  You’ll find some of that here, especially behind-the-scenes insight.  But mostly you’ll find songbirds and eagles, mammals and wildflowers, and a taste of the landscapes across which I roam.  You’ll also find info on the gear I use, a well as the gear that I build for myself.

The outdoors is my playground, and this is where I get to share it.  Enjoy!

-Brent Pennington

Fine Art Prints Available

Sure, my photos look good here on the site - but they look outright amazing when printed big and hanging on a wall! Check out my fine art gallery, with a selection of prints available in multiple sizes, on canvas and even metal, and all printed by a professional lab.

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